“The exciting status takes on an additional meaning”

“The exciting status takes on an additional meaning”
“The exciting status takes on an additional meaning”

Noa Kirel has already performed “Unicorn” dozens of times in Israel, in Liverpool and in rehearsals. Tonight (Saturday) she will perform the song for the last time at Eurovision – and this is also the most important time. Despite the security situation in the country, which affects the mood of the Israeli delegation and the young singer who talked about the difficulty of performing at the same time as the events, in an interview with “Olan Shishi” she talked about the hope that she will be able to secure a high place.

Kirel, who has soared in the betting charts in recent days, refused to be moved by the ranking in 4th place. “I’ve never gone in there, I don’t physically know how to do it. I see it as something less relevant,” explained the young singer. “I can go up and down and it’s constantly moving. I don’t focus on background noise, but on the performance – that’s our mission.”

Regarding the appearance in the final in view of the security situation, and the fear that it would affect her ranking, Kirel said: “It’s impossible to know. We’ll know when they know the results. It also doesn’t matter that much because I’m here to give my maximum and my 100%. Whether Whether it will have an effect or not, we are focused on doing the best. Especially in times like this to represent the country with respect and stand with Israel’s flag in front of the whole world.”

“My heart is completely in Israel”

Before finishing, the young singer wanted to convey a message to the Israeli public. “Take care of yourselves, I give you energy and hugs,” she added excitedly. “It is true that I am here, but my heart is completely with everything that is happening in Israel. To think that I am representing Israel precisely at a time like this is even more exciting, it has more meaning.”

Tonight judges and tens of millions of viewers from around the world will decide if Kirel will win and Eurovision will return to Israel. Many in Israel are keeping their fingers crossed for the young singer, but where do the Israelis really believe she will go? According to a poll, which we published yesterday in News 12, 41% of the public believes that she will reach 2-5th place. 21% think she will rank 6-10 and only 11% think she will reach first place. Another 21% stated that they don’t know and 6% think it will rank lower than 10.

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