The interest rate on the summit certificate in Banque Misr

Banks are currently competing to offer the highest interest rate on savings certificates after the Central Bank’s decision at the end of March to raise the interest rate by 2%, and the National Bank of Egypt and Egypt competed to offer savings certificates with a high return, as the monthly interest rate for those certificates reached about 22% of the value deposit.

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Interest rates on Banque Misr savings certificates after raising the interest rate

The “Ibn Masr 2” certificate was launched for individuals with a period of 3 years, with a minimum purchase of EGP 1,000 and its multiples, and it offers a competitive fixed monthly return that decreases at an annual rate during the certificate period. The monthly return reaches 22% during the first year, 18% during the second year, and 16% during the third year, and the average return is 18.66%. This profitable investment is now available to individuals who wish to increase their savings in a safe and profitable way.

The interest rate on the summit certificate in Banque Misr

Banks also now provide an opportunity for investors to obtain attractive returns through savings certificates. Some banks in Egypt offer very profitable certificates, such as the summit certificate, which provides a return of up to 19%, and meets the same conditions as the Ibn Misr 2 certificate, and the value of the certificate or part of it can be refunded after 6 months have passed from the date of its issuance, and it is possible to borrow with the guarantee of the certificate, Investors can take advantage of these lucrative opportunities to get high returns on their money in a safe and easy way.

The interest rate on the summit certificate in Banque Misr

Five Certificate

Banque Misr provides a fixed-return savings certificate for individuals for a period of five years, as the certificate grants a fixed rate of return throughout the investment period and is disbursed in the form of monthly or annual interest. The certificate is available with a minimum purchase amount of 1,200 pounds and its multiples for a certificate with a monthly return, and about 1,000 pounds and its multiples for a certificate with an annual return. The interest rate offered on the certificate is 12.25% per month and 12.5% ​​per annum, and this return is considered attractive to investors looking to achieve good returns over the next five years. Thus, investors can take advantage of this opportunity to obtain attractive returns by investing in the fixed-return savings certificate offered by Banque Misr.

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Selection certificate prices

The choice certificate for individuals was also priced at a remunerative return level, as the interest rate on the certificate is 12.5%, and it is available for a period of 5 years and the amount of its nominal value is 1000 Egyptian pounds and its multiples. The certificate can also be purchased at a price lower than its face value, depending on the investment term. This certificate provides an opportunity for investors to obtain good returns over the next five years, and it can be purchased at a reduced price, which makes it an attractive investment for investors who want to achieve attractive returns in the long term.

Egyptian safety certificate

Egyptian banks offer a savings certificate in the initiative to support the financial inclusion initiative, and this certificate is characterized by the fact that it is automatically renewed for two periods only, and it continues for three years. The certificate is issued in Egyptian pounds and includes a life insurance policy in addition to the chance to win valuable prizes. This certificate is issued to Egyptian individuals between the ages of 18 and 59, in denominations of EGP 500 and its multiples, with a maximum purchase limit of EGP 2,500 in all participating banks. The interest rate on the certificate reaches 13%, and this certificate is considered a profitable opportunity for investors who want to obtain good returns in the short term, and take advantage of the insurance opportunities offered with the certificate.

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