Lebanon is on the brink of complete collapse within 3 months if we do not take real measures, starting with electing a president

The head of the Media and Communications Committee, Representative Ibrahim Al-Moussawi, stressed that “we are in a country on the brink of complete collapse within two or three months, if we do not take real measures that begin with an agreement to elect a president, and begin with a kind of rationality, because some in Lebanon live outside the planet and out of calculations.” “.

He pointed out, while sponsoring a ceremony held by the Ansar municipality to open the new municipal building, that “as you have seen in politics, the Saudi foreign minister comes to Syria and invites Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to attend the Arab summit, and they are still talking in another and different place. Do these people live in reality?” Or do they drown in their dreams and labyrinths?

Al-Moussawi stressed, “We urgently need to launch a salvage reform process that can stop this collapse, and its main key is electing the president of the republic. We were clear, frank, and transparent, and we said whoever possesses specifications we deem appropriate to support him, and we support the head of the “Marada” movement, Suleiman Franjieh, while All the others did not agree on one name, nor did they propose a serious name, and even what they proposed was an experiment and a maneuver.

And he stressed, “This country cannot bear more experiments and maneuvers, and it does not have the luxury of time. If we move now and renew the pillars for this crumbling structure, we may be able to save it from collapse, while if we are late, we will start from scratch.” And he believed that “all the forces in the country are facing a real responsibility, and they are facing the last chance, and if they do not remedy the matter, then we are facing a great collapse that everyone is counting its last days, because we are at the last hour and we have started the countdown.”

He also mentioned that “the unseen Imam, Mr. Musa al-Sadr, ignited the ember of resistance, and this country has accumulated sufficient experience to achieve victory in many battles and wars, and he accomplished deterrence and protection equations to preserve our security, and he established an economic equation to protect our wealth,” noting that “we need to launch A real reform process, and the country has a lot of good. The problem of this country is not in the lack of money, but rather in the surplus of thieves, as there are always thefts in many places.”

Al-Moussawi explained that “there is not a single document proving that the state has bought the “Touch” building, and no indication has been placed that the state has bought it. Corruption is rampant in many places, and there are those who serve the private interest at the expense of the public interest. Internet subscribers are about one million and 200 thousand subscribers, Of them, 800,000 subscribers are in private companies, while the number of “Ogero” subscribers is only about 400,000, even though it is the source for all the internet’s nutrition.

He expressed his fear that “there will be those who work in a programmed and systematic manner to bankrupt all state institutions, to say that they are a failure, to be sold to millionaires who derive wealth from resources that should have been for the state and for the public interest,” warning of “attempts to extract the Internet from outside Lebanon.” And this constitutes an imminent security threat to the entire security system in Lebanon, and this is in the form of the security and judicial agencies.”