News 24 | Al-Qaeda members… they escaped from being killed by security forces to die treacherously with terrorism

News 24 | Al-Qaeda members… they escaped from being killed by security forces to die treacherously with terrorism
News 24 | Al-Qaeda members… they escaped from being killed by security forces to die treacherously with terrorism

After the war waged by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against Al-Qaeda, or as it is called, “Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula”, many facts began to unfold, and all those elements fell into the mud of the methodology of extremism, which they learned from the school of “ideological” terrorism, at the hands of the organization’s theorists. , after its inception and birth, during the nineties, and spread at the beginning of the millennium.

This methodology of science lacks the most basic elements of “individual ethics” and “forms of humanity.” It places hatred, the lust for bloodshed, and the killing of innocents as a basic pillar for its intellectual premises and orientations, without regard to belonging to a religion that is a beacon of tolerance and coexistence. Under him is everyone, and this is embodied in words and deeds.

As one of those convicted of terrorism that struck the Kingdom caused the death of his companion, called “Amer Mohsen Al-Shehri”, who was injured by the security men in those events, specifically during a confrontation with the security men, in the holy month of Ramadan in 2003, in the Sulay neighborhood. east of the capital, Riyadh.

According to the information available at the time, the terrorists transferred Al-Shehri to a room that was isolated with cork boards, so that he would not hear his groaning, and he was prevented from eating and drinking, except for some liquids. Rot” on the wound, and his weight decreased sharply, then he entered a stage of delirium, and when his condition reached that stage, some of those close to him and his circle suggested handing him over to his family, but others from the influential members of the organization rejected that suggestion, and he was left until he died.

In that well-known story, the reality of systematic terrorism was revealed. Al-Shehri fell victim to that injury first, and his comrades refused to save him by transferring him to a hospital for fear of arrest, secondly. Which led to his death, and he was buried in one of the desert areas – on the Riyadh-Qassim highway – for fear of exposure. And then, after the confessions of the first, his grave was exhumed, and his remains were handed over to his family.

And this is not the only picture of dark terrorism, in terms of the organization’s members turning against each other. The story of Rakan Al-Sikhan and Nasser Al-Rashed is similar to the previous story, and he – i.e. Al-Rashed – “who the organization decided to amputate one of his feet with a saw after suffering from gangrene”, so the treachery of the companions and companions of the methodology surrounded him. The end of these two people, after they were left to bleed and the necessary treatment was not provided to them; As a result of receiving gunshots, after carrying out an attack in the Al-Fayhaa neighborhood in Riyadh, in April of 2004; What prompted the members of the organization to bury them in a humiliating manner, in a process supervised by the leader of the organization at that time, Abdulaziz Al-Muqrin.

The records of extremist organizations are great in terms of the penetration of treachery into the hearts of these criminals. As by looking at the axioms of logic, it is possible to understand this behavior of those who originally betrayed his country and homeland, which is considered a big home for everyone, not to mention his family, relatives, and environment in which he was born, lived and raised, in a bad view, which confirms the state of human and moral rot. to those treacherous.

But shortening the blackness of the pages serves the purpose of shedding light on these abhorrent cases. Through this storytelling that goes back in history many years back, the inhumane and terrorist depth of Al Qaeda, and those who belong to it, or support it even if “silently”, are revealed. Historical events emptied the project from human content, and what is worse is its reliance on the Islamic religion, in the legitimacy of the black and treacherous great.

From this standpoint, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opposes the idea of ​​linking Islam to acts of terrorism and extremism. Based on the fact that Islam criminalizes terrorist operations, and prohibits the shedding of blood and treachery of the safe, and unjustly killing them, and at the same time condemns every terrorist act, practices, or actions that generate hatred and violence, and fights all forms of extremism and terrorism rhetoric.