An advertisement for selling meat soup in Sharqia raises controversy on Facebook

In a language that mixes seriousness and joking, an advertisement about selling a kilo of meat soup for twenty pounds in one of the cities of Sharkia governorate sparked a controversy on the social networking site, where many expressed their disapproval of the advertisement, while others were surprised, while some questioned the truth of the advertisement or not.

The beginning was with a post on an electronic group on the social networking site Facebook called “The People of Belbeis and its Sweet People”, a few days ago in which a member of the group announced the availability of meat soup for sale per kilo, in which he said: “Meat soup is available per kilo for 20 you can make it.” Regag Fattah for the big feast.

Then another announcement followed in the same group from another member announcing the availability of meat soup for sale in liters, in which he said: “Meat soup is available, the price of a liter is 20 pounds.”

And the matter did not go unnoticed until the comments on the enlightened people continued, so if a member called Muhammad Ghoneim says: “This is serious talk, is it not joking?” To add another account in the name of a woman’s tyranny: “Soup is followed by God, where is the meat of this soup?”

As for Umm Hassan’s account, she commented on the post, saying: “Medicine, you didn’t follow the meat with the soup for 20.” While an account in the name of your forgiveness and satisfaction commented, saying: “I seriously ask this post, seriously, and don’t joke.” As for Muhammad Amer, he commented, saying: “Come on, I got to the soup.” How much is a kilo, and there are bones with it, and it is not empty.”

While an account called Ahmed Swilam expressed his disapproval of the post, saying: “This is a real hero of underestimation of people.” While an account called Umm Al-Ghalin Al-Ghalin contented himself with saying: “Even the soup you sell is a strange thing, and God is a shame, so distribute it to the overpowering people.”