300 species of birds cross the sky of Saudi Arabia.. Get to know them

A type of bird in Saudi Arabia

Al-Arabiya.net – Hamid Al-Qurashi Photo by – Badr Al-Hasani

Published in: May 13, 2023: 11:18 PM GST
Last updated: May 14, 2023: 12:13 AM GST

The National Center for Wildlife Development in Saudi Arabia stated that more than 300 species of migratory birds cross the skies of Saudi Arabia.

The center explained that the territory of Saudi Arabia, due to its strategic geographical location between three continents, represents one of the most important paths for the migration of birds from north to south and from east to west.

And the lands of Saudi Arabia have become an important crossing point for many types of birds, and it is noted that every year new types of birds are recorded that come to the Kingdom, and some of them may use the new environments as a new site for breeding and stability. 357 species) and Asian (30 species).

types of birds

He pointed out that the total number of bird species recorded in the Kingdom is (499) species belonging to (67) families, of which (223) are breeding (of which 19 are endemic species that live in the mountains of Hijaz and Asir). One of the most endemic species in the Kingdom is the Asiri magpie (Pica asirensis). Of which there are only 100 breeding pair now. About (276) displaced persons or those crossing the Kingdom’s lands were registered.

He explained that there are migratory or resident birds on the coasts of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf as safe havens, especially the Arabian Gulf, where millions of birds, especially wading birds, frequent. Birds are among the most widespread and distributed vertebrates in all regions of the world, as they are linked to the history, legacy and civilizations of all nations that lived on Earth thousands of years ago.

A bird passing over the sky of Saudi Arabia

He pointed out that most of the real seabirds nesting on the Saudi islands are considered summer visitors, that is, they come to the islands in the spring and summer period to nest, and after the end of the season they migrate with their young south outside the Saudi territorial waters, and a few of them roam on the coasts of Saudi Arabia, and remain in its territorial waters, as well There are types of seabirds that are considered transitory migrants that stop on the coasts of the Kingdom to provide food and rest during their migration from north to south or vice versa.


The center said: “From the studies conducted in the important areas for birds in Saudi Arabia, about 39 important areas for birds have been identified, especially for species threatened with extinction or important numbers globally, and the study of the migration periods of some types of birds shows that the species that are abundant in the spring are not necessarily found.” In the same numbers in the fall, especially this fact is evident in perching birds (those wild species are the size of a pigeon and smaller). As for water birds and waders in particular, they are the opposite, as they are abundant in the autumn season and are rarely seen in the spring.”

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