Operation “Shield and Arrow” contributes to the image of Hamas Ren Edelist

Operation “Shield and Arrow” contributes to the image of Hamas Ren Edelist
Operation “Shield and Arrow” contributes to the image of Hamas Ren Edelist

Four men who represented the strength and power of the State of Israel stood before the nation on Tuesday. Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi and Shin Bet chief Ronan Bar sat there as if they were a demon next to the demon himself and his assistant – and presented a disgraceful absurd spectacle. Where did the bragging about eliminating three terrorists and several children and women come from? Only a black curtain was nameless, to reveal the faces of the terrorists with a large X smeared on them. Outside, a shout of “Death to the Arabs” rose from the streets. Indeed, there have been some spectacular, technical level, patent sting killings on the scale of an elephant galloping to squish a mosquito, while the malignant swamp continues to breed terrorism.

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When you look at the assassination itself, it is a joke: 40 aircraft, hundreds of soldiers and partners, the algorithms and excels were fed with excellent intelligence, meticulous planning and meticulous execution. However, the “tactical success” was immediately met with a strategic attack – paralyzing half a million civilians, the escape of thousands, continued fighting and then the annoying wait for a “multi-arena” campaign. It should be understood that from now on, the State of Israel, we, depend on the decision of some jihadist on duty if and when to rain down a few more rockets, or God forbid launch a stray shell that will fall on a kindergarten. then what? “Multi-arena” and ground entry to all the arenas, or perhaps layer bombings using the McNamara method in our Vietnam?

In order to understand how we got to the ridiculous and stupid situation of half a million being paralyzed and masses fleeing, with the bonus of the potential for continued fighting, we need to go back to the provocation about a week ago that started the event, and the provocation of the flag dance that will take place in about a week at the Nablus Gate. It is a politics of provocations that promote violence that promotes a partisan agenda, and this is exactly what led to today’s situation. The security system tries to avoid it, and the political system, i.e. the current coalition, feeds on it.

The current story began when Ben Gabir policemen modeled violence in front of cameras and precisely on the floor of the Holy Basin in Al-Aqsa Mosque and during Ramadan. Later, it was Ben Gabir jailers, whose responsibility a hunger-striking jihadist died. “A person is responsible for his body”, as the judge who discussed his case noted a month earlier, only someone should have explained to his honor that in the apparent practical aspect (no one here deals with the humane aspect, yes) it is not a “person”, but also a trigger for a bloodbath that he has Killing potential for both sides.

In this case, the Shevas ignored the prison order – “preventing health damage to a prisoner on hunger strike” such as force-feeding, which is a common practice in such cases. The result was over a hundred rockets towards the Gaza Strip and the continuation of the four marionettes motivated by the same provocations Ben-Gavirit and now they are trying Convince us that everything is under control.

The soldiers that Gallant does not have

So what do we do when the military and political system is unable to control either Gaza or Ben Gvir? Right. Targeted setbacks to prove to the public that we have a strong hand and a short mind. Regular assessments by the IDF and the Shin Bet, which are based on the effect of the assassinations in the medium and long term, rule out assassinations as contributing to the war on terror. The assassination itself requires the opinion of the head of the Shin Bet, the head of the Security Council and the Chief of Staff, an explicit order from the Minister of Defense and the involvement of the Prime Minister at sensitive times. In such a discussion, Yoav Galant is a problem, if not a fault. He has a leather jacket and robotic determination, but there is no He has soldiers at the center of the Likud, and he depends on a prime minister who naturally has his own accounts.

By the way, and make no mistake: I am not crediting the security establishment, which also has reasons to be frustrated with the situation vis-à-vis the jihad, there are also those who believe that killing a bad Arab is good for them as well, but what is the point of Tuesday’s disgraceful show? Were women and children killed? This is how it is when you fight for existence – and on this occasion also for the coalition.

The intriguing question with dramatic consequences for the future is whether the right-wing coalition regains itself in the polls following the attacks and assassinations. Mandates return to the right-wing bloc following the elimination of “terrorist infrastructures”, and some senior jihadists will return us to a situation where not only Kahane was right but also Ben Gabir. In principle, nothing will change in the swing of violence: a temporary lull, provocation, a violent Palestinian response, our own violent response and the possibility of a “multi-arena” campaign. The question is how the attacks and assassinations will affect the volatility of the mandate map and the consistency of the protest.

In truth, there is no connection between the attack of the IDF and the Air Force by a violent gang in the Gaza Strip and the protest policy. The collection of the government’s failures speaks for itself, and despite the “victory” of the government and its allies, this is a passing incident that will not in the least change the situation on the ground without a real initiative. We have An attempt to make a distinction between Hamas and Jihad, like the attempt to make a distinction between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas or between individual terrorism and terrorist groups. All of these are an escape from the diagnosis that terrorism in its various forms at different times is one of the Palestinian tools in their struggle for independence. That is the whole story. One of the goals of Jihad She has integrated into the legitimate front, and they are following the organizations that won her. We are waging a war of attrition against them until we reconcile with them as well, and in the meantime the blood flows and fuels the extremists in the group. Isn’t that a shame?

Al-Aruri has already been marked

This week Jihad was dealt with. From then on, waiting for the response of Hamas, which is caught between the desire for international legitimacy and concern for the population through Israeli consent to the entry of laborers, and between the desire to be the legitimate dominant force in the entire Palestinian public. In the case of Hamas, Israel has a natural candidate for elimination, and he is already in the crosshairs. It is true that the right-wing channels welcome the candidacy of Saleh al-Aruri, but the mainstream media also promote the idea of ​​his elimination. “Saleh al-Aaruri is the most senior terrorist in Hamas that you don’t know (Wynet), and his goal is to kill as many Israelis as possible… His name is not known on the Israeli street, but Aaruri is the man because of whom a war almost broke out here on Passover. A senior Hamas official who grew up in Samaria and became For the most charismatic figure in the organization, he forged connections from Tehran to Gaza through Beirut and Al-Aqsa – in order to fulfill his ultimate goal: a combined attack on Israel from all fronts.”

All true. So what? So not Jihad but Arori will drag us into the arena that no one wants, except for the doomsday fools? There are those in the security and political systems who believe that the assassinations are a consensus that will unite the “people” against the demon. It seems to me that today there are large parts of the Israeli people who may understand that not everyone here agrees to kill and be killed so that the Rothman, Levin, Ben Gabir and Smotrich gang will expropriate the State of Israel in favor of their campaign of tribal carnage.

Ah… I forgot the main thing. Hamas is the big winner. The organization took another step in favor of its legitimacy. The Jihad will follow, but not Alman Israel – we will create another (deadly) organization like we created Hamas.