12 benefits of student councils in universities

12 benefits of student councils in universities
12 benefits of student councils in universities

A number of academics and students stressed the importance of student councils in universities in drawing up a policy of effective student activities, which works to link students to their social reality, through the practice of many programs, explaining that there are 12 benefits for student unions or councils in universities, namely:

Refining students’ skills, enhancing their leadership spirit, accustoming them to the democratic climate based on actual practice, whether in student elections or activities, and forming correct and positive thinking on campus, which in turn is reflected later on at all levels and levels, and forming a large base of students.

This enhances their sense of loyalty and belonging to the homeland, develops their soft skills, teaches them the arts of time management, enriches knowledge and experiences, develops a spirit of dialogue, respect for other opinions, enhances the stability of university life, and focuses on goals.


Abdullah Al Shamsi, Director of the British University in Dubai, believes that the university stage is a stage that involves individual experiences, practical experiences, individual skills, personal development, and a community bond, whose steps begin with entering the university gate, and its effects extend beyond graduation.

Obtaining a job, and between what must be achieved and what has been accomplished, highlights the role of student councils in the lives of university students and their impact on the vision of higher education, the extent to which they are achieved in its institutions, and the depth of the relationship between these institutions and their students.

He adds: The role of this environment extends to developing students’ sense of belonging to the university and their integration into the new society with all its attributes and qualities, so that the university becomes an incubator that plays its role in raising awareness and developing a broad perspective for them. And therefore for its success in achieving the vision of higher education.

A strong bond

Dr. Sherif Moussa, Dean of the College of Engineering at the Canadian University in Dubai, said: The role of creative student unions is manifested in building distinguished student cadres, creating a strong bond between higher education institutions and their students, and transferring the educational experience towards more fun, effectiveness and innovation, and this is what is required of student councils. Harnessing more effort and time to reach an advanced level and create more unique models that contribute to the development of higher education and support its students in many ways.

The spirit of belonging

Dr. Atta Hassan, Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Development at Al Qasimia University in Sharjah, emphasized the importance of student councils in preparing a generation of leaders who are competent, practice democratic work, and enjoy a strong spirit of belonging to the homeland.

He added: The formation of student councils in universities annually aims to prepare a generation of leadership capable of assuming responsibility, possesses the ability to communicate effectively, plan and manage the situation, enhance the spirit of belonging to the homeland, develop positive practices, the spirit of dialogue and respect for the other opinion, and also helps to strengthen ties. between the school and the local community.

Enhanced stability

Charlotte Ramsay, Student Affairs and Student Life Officer at Heriot-Watt University Dubai, pointed out the importance of the role played by student unions in universities, which are run by students who are elected by their peers to represent and defend their interests on campus, which is to enhance and enrich the experience of their peers.

Noting that the council consists of elected members responsible for various fields of student life, whether academic, sports or recreational, and plays a pivotal role in enhancing students’ stability in university life, and helping to ensure that they benefit most from studying at the university.

She emphasized that the Student Union plays a key role in organizing and promoting social and academic activities, as well as collecting notes and representing the voice of their colleagues in university committees, as well as promoting soft skills, in a way that enhances their professional future.


Dr. Abdullah Ismail Al Zarooni, a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Rochester University of Technology in Dubai, said: The experiences that students go through within the activities of student unions or the positions that some of them hold within these unions contribute to increasing their ability to focus on their goals and direct their capabilities towards them, and create the motivation that drives them. Students in order to improve their skills and their communities.

Avoiding the challenges that hinder them from doing so, and developing in them an optimistic outlook and expecting the best from themselves, their partners and colleagues, and the desire to continue learning and help those who need help from their peers. It also helps highlight future leaders to serve their country and contribute to the development of its institutions.

Students: creating a stimulating academic environment

A number of students participating in student councils stressed the role of these councils in involving them in creating a motivating academic environment that encourages them to succeed and gains experience and knowledge, and helps them invest their time and energies and discover tools.

Regarding the contributions of the student councils in solving behavioral problems within the university, student Aisha Al-Hammadi indicates that the council opens the way for the student to reveal what is in himself through his fellow council members, which contributes to achieving discipline within the university campus and reducing behavioral problems.

The student, Sheikha Al-Hajri, believes that the student councils help relieve pressures and the scale of problems on university administrations, as the elected students have great popularity among their colleagues.

vitality and optimism

Student Answara Pradeep, President of the Students’ Union at Heriot-Watt University Dubai, said: “These councils have contributed to the development of the academic life of students and made it full of vitality and optimism in a family atmosphere.”

The student, Navya Rajeev, specializing in international business administration, pointed out that such councils develop the spirit of competition and develop skills, noting that the electoral process allowed her to develop her skills in effective communication, teamwork and problem-solving, and taught her the importance of respecting and accepting different points of view, and dealing with results and challenges positively. .

time management

Student Johann Simon, BA in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence and Events Officer at the Student Union at Heriot-Watt University Dubai, said: “Student unions contribute to improving the university life experience and determination to work and succeed, and they also provide students with ideas and proposals that contribute to strengthening the connection between the academic community and the art of management.” Time, and achieving a balance between the tasks of the councils and the study.

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