It was not in the mind of the Council to restrict freedoms

Nader Caspar, President of the Beirut Bar Association, indicated, during a press conference at the Lawyer’s House, that “we invited you to this press conference, after the decision of the Civil Court of Appeal in Beirut, which decided to reject the two appeals directed against the decision of the Bar Council, which amended some provisions of the Code of Professional Ethics. We invite you to read the reasons for this decision, which can be said to be one of the major decisions that established important principles in the field of practicing media freedom by fellow lawyers, based on provisions and principles adopted in some of the leading countries in the field of human rights.

He pointed out that “from the beginning, it was not in the mind of the Syndicate Council to restrict freedoms or silence mouths, as some promoted it in the media and tried to make the issue a matter of public opinion, after they failed to market matters before the lawyers who stood as an impenetrable barrier in their face, along with their union.

Caspar stated that “the aim of the amendment was organizational, no more, no less, arranged by the current circumstances of the frequent media appearances of a few lawyers, contrary to the law and regulations,” explaining that “in the face of a few objections, the syndicate tried to absorb the unjust reactions, and we were sure that the truth would emerge.” We waited for the court’s verdict, despite all the criticisms and slanders that we were subjected to. We told them that the law is law, and the internal system is a system for taking care of the affairs of lawyers, organizing their work, behavior, and media appearances. The internal regulations cover hundreds of topics, from council sessions and their dates, to oral and written exams, to a system employees, to the manner of dealing between lawyers, judges, and lawyers with each other and with clients, experts, employees, and others.

And he stressed, “We, in the Bar Association, do not believe in stagnation, but rather in permanent movement, development, and dialogue. As for the court having issued its decision to ratify the decision of the Bar Council, the Bar will remain loyal to its members, and is keen on the rights and freedoms of lawyers, and it does not intend to deal reciprocally with those who directed it.” She has the harshest accusations and epithets.”

Gaspar pointed out that the association will remain incubator for all its members, and the president and the council of the association will remain vigilant over the rights and interests of lawyers and the dignity and prestige of the profession. Forward and clasping hands, for the good, honor and dignity of the union.

In response to a question, Caspar reassured that “all halls and clubs are open for the expression of opinion,” pointing out that “freedom of expression is preserved up to the limits of the dignity of others.” And he said: “But if a lawyer participates in an interview of a legal nature and deals with a case that another lawyer is working on, For example, for a period of five years, and his colleague discusses this issue in this interview, this is not permissible.

And she talked about “propaganda that some lawyers get through media appearances and social media,” referring to “disagreements and discussions between lawyers,” and he said: “To date, 126 permissions have been given to lawyers who have asked to speak in the media,” stressing that “the decision focuses on legal issues.” and judicial files, especially pending and personal cases.

Regarding the speed in giving permissions, in the event that some media outlets want to seek the help of a lawyer, he affirmed, “the constant and rapid readiness to decide on these requests, even through WhatsApp,” stressing that he is “with public freedoms,” pointing out that “he deals with them personally and writes about electing a president.” The Republic and the issue of oil and gas because he believes in public freedom and the well-established trade union in the history of Lebanon.

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