He was consistent in his behavior and relations – the ambassador of the North






The Lebanese Press Syndicate issued a statement mourning the former minister, Sajaan Azzi, in which it said: “With deep pain and sadness, the Lebanese Press Syndicate received news of the death of the former minister, Sajaan Azzi, after a bitter struggle with illness. A prominent journalist.

Minister Azzi, we miss his writings today, his outlook on the situation, his analyzes and vision, and his ambition to build an inclusive homeland that accommodates all its children, at a time when the country is in dire need of men of struggle, thought, vision and dialogue.

On this painful occasion, the President of the Press Syndicate, Mr. Awni al-Kaaki, remembers his personal friend and colleague, the late journalist and former minister Sajaan Azzi, with whom he had a relationship of respect and affection, and he was the one who listened carefully and respectfully to the opposite opinion.

The late colleague was steadfast in his behavior and relations, and as for positions, they do not mean anything to him and do not change his convictions.

May God have mercy on the dear deceased, through whom journalism and politics lost an honest and great man.”

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