No bread crisis in Lebanon | Economy

No bread crisis in Lebanon | Economy
No bread crisis in Lebanon | Economy

The head of the Syndicate of Arab Bakeries and Ovens in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, Captain Nasser Sorour, responded to “skeptics about the mechanism for distributing subsidized flour to bakeries and about squandering the right of bakery and bakery workers.” He said in a statement: “Everything that was issued during the past week has nothing to do with reality or the truth. First, The Minister of Economy, Dr. Amin Salam, plays the role of maintaining the price of a bundle of bread and at the same time sets up a plan to raise the wages of bakery workers in coordination with the bakeries union, taking into account any increase in the bundle of bread, even if it is simple. The productive sectors in Lebanon, although the bread bundle is dollarized with all its components, with the exception of subsidized flour, which constitutes 35 percent of its components, and the bakeries pay a large part of the wage difference to workers until now.

He continued: “Secondly, the price of a bundle of bread was one dollar, but today its price is 36 cents or 36,000 Lebanese pounds, weighing 800 grams in all bakery showrooms, which indicates a sense of responsibility on the part of His Excellency the Minister and the Bakery Syndicate, towards the poor classes who consume bread on the basis of Bearing the burdens of the economic crisis until the country emerges from the dark tunnel. The security services keep pace with the distribution of flour to bakeries, its production, distribution and sale via data sent daily from bakery owners to the Ministry of Interior, which weakens the hypothesis of tampering with the security of the subsidized loaf and flour.

He added, “Thirdly, the syndicate lifts the lid on any bakery that proves to be in violation of the decisions of the Ministry of Economy. Apple demands that its share be removed from the ministry’s tables. However, it rejects any accusation without evidence and leaves it to itself to respond through legal frameworks, because any news that does not take into account reality falls into the category of chaos that it rejects.” The Syndicate and the Ministry, because the loaf is a red line and no one is allowed to seek fame at his expense.All those concerned, especially those who buy bread, are required to thank the Minister of Economy who was able to secure the World Bank loan for bread, which made stability in the bakeries and ovens sector a fact that will not change, at least for a period of not Less than 10 months, and the lowest price for bread in the world, not just in Lebanon.

He concluded: “The financing card project is one of the priorities of the Minister of Economy, and the Syndicate of Bakeries was the first to propose it as an alternative to absolute subsidy. It will be in the hands of those who deserve it when the decision is taken to lift the subsidy with the end of the World Bank loan funds, but we do not believe that this will be before six months.”

And he concluded: “There is no bread crisis, and cooperation is in place with the Minister of Economy, the Consumer Protection Authority and the security services, and everyone who violates the law will pay the price, and a thousand thanks to everyone who accompanies the plan of the Minister of Economy, especially the security services, headed by the State Security Agency.”

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