News 24 | 4 letters and 4 numbers.. The Transport Authority announces the availability of the abbreviated national address

announced afor the general body Today (Sunday), it was possible to obtain the short national address, consisting of 4 letters and 4 numbers.

This step comes as part of an initiative that bears the slogan “To your door in full”, which includes shortening or converting the long national address into a simple and unique address that is easy to remember and memorize.

The authority said that the failure of the service provider to use the national address when providing postal services; It is considered a violation and requires a penalty, which is represented in a fine of 5 thousand riyals, according to the executive regulations of the postal system, according to the classification of violations and the determination of penalties announced by the authority at the beginning of this May.

And she stressed the importance of using the abbreviated national address, which represents a system for addressing the beneficiary’s website in an official and accurate manner, in accordance with international standards and specifications.

She pointed out that the short national address services, which include individuals and the business sector, are provided free of charge and are characterized by their coverage of all regions of the Kingdom with a high accuracy of up to 1 square meter, in addition to qualifying the beneficiary or user to obtain 10 addresses in various parts of the world through the global service.

She added that the short national address services are characterized by facilitating and expediting the arrival of shipments and requests to beneficiaries without the need to make contacts with delivery agents.

And she indicated that the short national address includes a building number for the beneficiary’s location, letters expressing the area code, the branch code, as well as the department code, and finally a distinguishing letter.

For its part, many ministries, government agencies and institutions announced their new shortened national addresses using the hashtag “Labbak Balmelli” on Twitter, including the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services, which was mentioned in a tweet: “This is our short address (RCRA7190) consisting of only 4 letters and 4 numbers.” And he will reach our door in full.”

And the Saudi Post, “Sobol”, published its abbreviated national address, which is (RRRD2929), calling on everyone to know their abbreviated national numbers by entering the website. Link.