Preventing Franjieh from becoming president of the Axis countries? Withering Maronite politics or decline to the death of the national formula! | Articles archive

Preventing Franjieh from becoming president of the Axis countries? Withering Maronite politics or decline to the death of the national formula! | Articles archive
Preventing Franjieh from becoming president of the Axis countries? Withering Maronite politics or decline to the death of the national formula! | Articles archive

Who can, for example, explain, explain, or understand public opinion, even with a reasonable degree of sophistry, demagoguery, and illogicality, by the performance of the “Christian community above all considerations,” as it seems to many that this society is heading towards further erosion, weakening, and loss Positions with Christians, or delaying appointment therein, starting with the Presidency of the Republic, as the president is “the head of the state and the symbol of the unity of the homeland. He watches over respect for the constitution and preserves the independence, unity and territorial integrity of Lebanon in accordance with the provisions of the constitution. He heads the Supreme Defense Council, and he is the supreme commander of the forces.” armed forces that are subject to the authority of the Council of Ministers” (Article 49 / d, first paragraph).

Who can carry out this “Army mission” in terms of persuading the Lebanese, Arab, regional and international public opinion that the “great alert” to prevent the arrival of the northern Maronite figure, Suleiman Franjieh, from reaching Baabda Palace .. serves the saying “the Christian community is above all considerations”, and therefore it must To be ahead of everything else?

Within context, questions beg for questions:

1 – Does Franjieh’s arrival threaten the “unity of the homeland”?

2- Will Franjieh, if he becomes president, be the symbol of the unity of the Axis countries (meaning the axis of resistance)? From this point of view, he must ensure respect for the independence of Iran (the Islamic Republic that becomes without a guide if Franjieh is elected) and its constitution, and respect for the independence and constitution of Syria. Iraq and its constitution, Gaza (the steadfast heroine) and Dahiyeh Hezbollah and its constitution?

3- According to what is stipulated in the first paragraph of Article 49 / D, does he become Franjieh if he is elected head of the armed forces of “countries of opposition”, such as replacing Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in leading the resistance of Hezbollah, or replacing Ismail Haniyeh in heading the political bureau of the “Hamas” movement, or Increase the bran of the Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement, leading to the Ansar Allah leadership in Yemen?

In the logic of choice, or the logic of illogicality, how can the Maronite leaders, from the head of the “Lebanese Forces” party to the head of the Kataeb Party, through the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, consider that their first task lies in one thing: preventing Franjieh from reaching Baabda..

As for accusing him of belonging to the “Hezbollah” axis or having support from it, are the Maronite politicians, of the hawkish type, more familiar with the situation and its interventions and complexities than a major country, a member of the Security Council, and the mandatory state, which laid the foundations for the first formula for Lebanon’s independence (i.e. France), which has reached the conviction that the obligatory corridor to end the presidential vacancy in Lebanon passes through the “southern suburb of Beirut,” the main stronghold of Hezbollah? Therefore, this situation is not limited to Paris, as there are others that have this orientation.

It is not in defense of Franjieh, his current, or Hezbollah and his team. Whoever knows the author of these lines must have no connection with either an axis or axes, and that the people of the axis and the axes think that he is on a different side (except for their own side). A framework for understanding the situation and going towards the goal in a way that serves the stability of the country and pushes it forward.

As for the story of (the reform), the reformist president, and then the rescuer, it is a story or anecdote that was told one day by a “political teenager” to the general assembly of the nation’s deputies, or those affiliated with this or that partisan trend.

Perhaps in the simplest and most present questions: the experience of the President, General Michel Aoun.. Does his current aspire, for example, to a president who emulates him, or is similar to him in terms of “reform and change”? If the answer is no, let’s continue with the rest of the story.

And follow-up with a “less than simple” question: Where did the era of the man end, who, before, during and after the presidency, talked about reform and fighting corruption?

This issue is in the custody of the head of the movement established by General Aoun, called the Free Patriotic Movement, and at its head, who accompanied the presidential experience from within, and some accuse him of being the actual president, in the period extending from November 31 (“2016” – to December 31 “2023”). )..

So, the matter is elsewhere. Representative Bassil fears a weakness that will affect or paralyze his current, if Franjieh arrives, and he fears that he will not become a player in the Maronite decision arena, regardless of the size of his parliamentary bloc, and whether it is greater or less than the bloc of the Lebanese Forces party, and whether Could he have been a “spearhead” in the street, leading the opposition against the Franjieh era, if he had managed to overcome the obstacles to the Baabda Palace?

Here, Bassil meets with his opponents when expressing a willingness to follow extremely dangerous precedents, such as agreeing to overthrow the necessary quorum for holding the election session, in the presence of 86 deputies, to start the first polling session, for fear that the next session will lead to a “misstep” by electing Franjieh, in a manner What happened with his grandfather in 1970, when he was elected president of the republic by a single vote, and Kamal Jumblatt, the head of the “National Struggle Bloc” at the time (the bloc had this name) provided it for him.

As for the “hermit of Maarab”, he seeks to play the “spearhead” in confronting the axis of resistance, considering that nothing precedes preventing Franjieh’s arrival, so there is nothing wrong with consultation, communication, coordination, or joint work, even with the “Satan” to confront Hezbollah, And his candidate and the head of the Marada Movement (the historical movement from hundreds of years to today).

There is no need yet to review opposing positions, which have what they have, and what they have to do, but the result is the same: let the presidential vacancy continue as long as God wills, so there is no session, no quorum, and no one grieves.

The question is: Does the situation change, how, and when? Nothing remains the same or the same, and the situation may change, and if it does not change, odds may occur, changing the current course, and pushing the game to other directions..

The Arab and regional climate is proceeding to end the “Lebanese swelling” before it turns into a “cancerous state” that extends from the presidency to the Bank of Lebanon and the leadership of the army, and perhaps the judiciary, and all sectors and institutions of the state, and the like! The resulting vacuum affects all the Lebanese, but according to the Aounist criteria, and not others.

Maronite politics, through its hawkishness, seems to be on the verge of wilting, while the spiritual authority, i.e. Bkerki, strikes hand in hand, contenting himself with a sermon from here or a stance from there, or a pastoral, ecclesiastical or political visit to this or that country..

And between the fading performance of Maronite politicians, from the heads of parties and blocs, the formula descends successively into old age, heralding a slow or clinical death.

The concerned countries continue to maintain their positions, and express concern, at least verbally, for the need to fill the presidential vacancy, to enable the Lebanese body to breathe regional “oxygen” that transcends conflicts, at least in light of the Iranian-Saudi agreement under Chinese auspices.

The next few weeks are enough to release the major options: the death of wrong bets or the death of the national formula?

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