Ate sushi and died: two diners died because of the dish

Topolopompo? Although several diners ended the day in the hospital with illness following a dish they ordered, none of them suffered from what happened to two elderly diners in the state of Montana in the United States who ended their meal as a tragedy.

According to a disturbing report related to food poisoning that occurred in the state of Montana in the United States as mentioned above, when a meal at a restaurant ended with a particularly fatal outcome. It was reported that a 64-year-old woman and a 74-year-old man spent time together at a local sushi restaurant and found their deaths following the dishes they ate.

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About 30 people were injured after eating at the restaurant that resulted in the death of the two. According to reports by the local news station, it appears that the diners were poisoned, apparently from cultured mushrooms found inside the sushi they ordered

Bequest 12 gave an interesting angle to the story: “Mushrooms can be very toxic, especially to children and people with weak immune systems, but not only to them,” says Dr. Marina Tamir in the infectious response.

Another statement: “It is important to know how to grow them, identify them and above all to understand that they can be deadly. Every restaurant must take responsibility for the health of its diners. By the way, the combination with the sushi itself may also be problematic, since the raw fish is also a sensitive food that may contain bacteria dangerous. Therefore, I would not be surprised if the combination itself increased the intensity of the damage caused.”