An “important” decision by the Governor of Beirut regarding the displaced Syrians!

An “important” decision by the Governor of Beirut regarding the displaced Syrians!
An “important” decision by the Governor of Beirut regarding the displaced Syrians!

The Public Relations Department of the Beirut Municipality stated, in a statement, that “The Governor of the City of Beirut, Judge Marwan Abboud, issued a decision bearing No. 37, dated May 8, 2023, related to the national survey campaign to census and register the displaced Syrians, and it stated: “The Governor of Beirut,

Based on the coordination meeting held at the Grand Serail on April 26, 2023, chaired by the Prime Minister,

And based on the letter of His Excellency the Minister of Interior and Municipalities No. 42 / r dated May 2, 2023, he decided the following:

Article 1: All mukhtars in the capital, Beirut, each within the scope of his locality, and within a period of one month from the date of publication of this decision, are required to register the data of all displaced Syrian residents in order to settle their residence conditions, under pain of taking appropriate legal measures against them, provided that photographs and copies of papers are kept. Identity cards and residency cards, if any, and their registration cards with the General Commission for Refugees, UNHCR, if any, and then deposit all files with the governorate department immediately after the end of the one-month period granted to them.

Article Two: After registration, every displaced person is given a statement proving that from the locality’s mukhtar.

Article Three: It is forbidden for any mukhtar, under penalty of legal prosecution, to organize any transaction or statement for any displaced person before including proof of his registration.

The statement concluded: “This decision shall be communicated where necessary.”

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