Governmental “human resources” are inspired by the aspirations of Dubai

Within its strategic plan 2023-2026, the Dubai Government Human Resources Department is keen to provide a suitable work environment and development opportunities for distinguished human cadres, to enhance its position in supporting the emirate’s strategic vision, and to consolidate Dubai’s position as one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and a global center for innovation and creativity.

The Executive Director of the Future Resources Sector in the Department, Mona Buhumaid, said that the Department was keen to set strategic axes based on the aspirations of the Emirate of Dubai, and to adopt high-performance work systems.

One of the pillars of the strategy is the adoption of high-performance work systems, which aims to enable the decision-making process in the human resources sector by providing digital solutions and effective data management by providing the department with tools, platforms and systems that support the human resources operations of government departments in Dubai.

The axes of the strategic plan also include the leadership of entrepreneurial thought, by directing the development of thought leadership to manage human capabilities through research and development, and leading impactful innovation by working closely and cooperating with leading entities in the sector to enhance basic capabilities that enable the department to measure impact and added value.

For her part, Wadha Al-Ghafli, Director of the Department of Strategy and Excellence in the department, confirmed that the department has many ambitious goals that it aspires to reach by applying best practices to enable effective human resource services and upgrading talents.

She said that the department aspires to attract and develop the best minds to maintain the competitiveness of the Dubai government and make it the best destination for work by focusing on building a workforce of Emiratis who are able to provide their best capabilities, and aligning Emirati capabilities with national and local agendas, as the Dubai government attaches great importance to Emiratisation. And entrusted the Dubai Government Human Resources Department with a decisive role in leading the efforts made in this aspect.

The department looks forward to continuing to achieve its goals and vision, by focusing on four main areas that organize its business based on developing best practices, spreading awareness and knowledge of modern human resource management systems and applications based on international best practices, and transferring them to the government sector in Dubai. It is also based on central systems and their role in the operational aspect represented in a set of systems and applications that ensure consistency and parity between the components of the government sector, and constitute a basis for institutional harmony and integration, and a source of enhanced common values.

The department also relies on the center of supervision and regulation and the subsequent supervisory and regulatory role required by the requirements of governance and management of human resources, as well as the center of legislative and regulatory compatibility, to ensure economic efficiency in managing human resource procedures within the government sector in the emirate.

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