Celebrated too soon: Angel Bakery will lose from the Haram Haram

Celebrated too soon: Angel Bakery will lose from the Haram Haram
Celebrated too soon: Angel Bakery will lose from the Haram Haram

A day after Angel’s blitz in the secular media that the ultra-orthodox boycott failed and the company even brought in more money in the two weeks since the boycott began, various sources are cooling the company’s enthusiasm and claiming that it was in a hurry to celebrate.

One of the main claims is that the data presented last night (Tuesday) by the journalist Guy Lerer in his program are based on the data of the Storenext company and according to experts the company has difficulty sampling the stores in the ultra-orthodox sector. “It seems that the pipeline created a problem for ‘Stornext’ – in fact they revealed that they do not have a good sample of stores in the ultra-Orthodox sector,” media expert Mani Gira Schwartz wrote.

Another and no less interesting figure shows that the company’s stock, which is traded on the stock exchange, shows a significant decrease of 5% in the last month and last night even showed a significant negative trend.

In the meantime, an ultra-Orthodox Jew who deals with the economy explained to us that the data on the increase in sales published in the media was taken from the credit companies. He presented us with the following data: a large part of the boycott is the cancellation of engagements of yeshivas and institutions whose payment does not appear in the clearing system of the credit companies; A significant percentage of the ultra-orthodox public does not pay at the grocery store every day, but once a month. So it is not possible to measure the purchase of this public.

According to him, it is true that there is an increase in shopping in secular areas, but it is still early and incorrect to state that the Haredi consumer boycott is ineffective.

As a reminder, data published last night (Tuesday) by the journalist Guy Lerer, which he claims were objectively checked, he revealed that the week before the boycott, the bakery’s sales stood at 8.6 million NIS, while in the week after the beginning of the boycott, the company showed an increase in sales with 8.9 million NIS.

The general media were quick to celebrate and framed the data as a defeat for the ultra-Orthodox public, whose consumer boycott that began following the demonstration by the chairman of Angel’s board of directors, Amr Bar Lev, in front of the house of Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, did not bear fruit. One of the explanations for this, according to the media, is that the secular public Proactively began to purchase more Angel products in order to strengthen the bakery which clearly took an anti-Orthodox line.

On the Ynet news website, they expanded and wrote that “the ultra-Orthodox did not take into account that in the current polarized reality, if Angel apologizes to them, he will lose the rest of the secular audience that now stands by him, and unlike them, mainly buys expensive breads. It is likely that the conflict will eventually end, and not with Angel’s apology andThe message is mainly to the business sector who may finally learn that it is possible not to bend to the whims of the ultra-Orthodox and move on“.

On the other hand, many members of the ultra-Orthodox public claim this evening that this is an orchestrated campaign by the company, which wants at all costs to take the wind out of the sails of the boycott and fold the ultra-Orthodox public.

As a reminder, former member of the Knesset Amr Bar Lev, who was only recently appointed chairman of the board of directors of Angel Bakery, participated last week in the “Equality in Burden” demonstration in front of the home of the head of the Ponivage yeshiva Hagar Edelstein in Bnei Brak. The move drew great anger among many and the chain gained momentum, an initiative to boycott the bakery and posters in the city of Bnei Brak called on the residents not to purchase its products.