Egypt’s national team tops its group after defeating Palestine in the Arab Beach Soccer Cup

The Egyptian beach soccer team, led by Mostafa Lotfi, achieved victory over the Palestinian national team, 3-2, in the third round of the group stage of the Arab Cup, to top the group with a full score of 9 points.

The goals for the Egyptian national team were scored by Ismail Bahgat, Ahmed Esha and Hassan Mohamed.

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The Egyptian national team had achieved victory over the Kyrgyzstan national team by half a dozen goals to two in the first round, then the Oman national team by five goals to two in the tournament.

The mission, headed by Muhammad Abu Al-Wafa, a member of the Football Association Board of Directors and supervisor of beach soccer, includes Ahmed Abu Saree, general coach, Muhammad Fawzi, goalkeeper coach, Dr. Muhammad Akmal, head of the medical staff, Abbas Hassanein, the masseur, and Islam Shaker, task manager.

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And the technical director, Mustafa Lotfi, chose a list of players that includes Zizou Al-Sabah, Muhammad Al-Sayed, Ibrahim Hassan, Mustafa Samir, Mustafa Ahmed, Hassan Muhammad, Mustafa Sasa, Haitham Atef, Ahmed Isha, Ismail Bahjat, Abdul Rahman Al-Shafi’i, Muhammad Abdul-Nabi and Al-Husseini Taha.

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