News 24 | After 4 days… the arrival of the first pilgrims

News 24 | After 4 days… the arrival of the first pilgrims
News 24 | After 4 days… the arrival of the first pilgrims

The General Authority of Civil Aviation has determined the start of the arrival phase of Hajj flights from 1-11-1444 AH, until the end of the fourth day of the month of Dhul-Hijjah, at 23:59 UTC.

According to the “Instructions for Transporting Pilgrims by Air” issued by the authority, which he reviewed.News 24The stage of departure of the pilgrims’ flights begins as of 12/13/1444 AH, at 05:00 UTC, given that the month of Dhu’l-Qa’dah is 30 days, and the pilgrims’ departure period ends as of 01/15/1445 AH, at 23:59 UTC.

The authority stated that it is not permissible for the air carrier to remain in the airport yard for more than “two hours” in the arrival phase, and 3 hours in the departure phase, and 4 hours can be allowed for aircraft with a seat capacity of 400 passengers or more, but in emergency cases such as weather conditions and natural disasters, it must be reviewed. The competent authority for airport management (operations and scheduling) to formally prove this and take it into consideration.

She pointed out that the authority has the right to oblige national and foreign air carriers to provide a bank guarantee for the return of pilgrims stipulated in the instructions, and the transportation of pilgrims can be approved on regular flights during the Hajj season for companies committed to regular operation for a period of not less than a full year before operating the Hajj season.

And she stressed that the air carriers present their operational plan for airport operations and (ACL) company, indicating the number of regular flights fully dedicated to transporting pilgrims, the number of regular flights fully dedicated to transporting pilgrims, and the number of regular flights partially carrying pilgrims on board, and their numbers no later than the end of the month of Shaban. every Hijri year.

The authority indicated that transporting pilgrims on regular flights outside the plan provided by the air carrier is a violation of the instructions, and the pilgrims must be separated from the rest of the regular passengers on regular flights upon arrival at the airports designated to receive Hajj flights, and their luggage must be marked with clear colors from the point of origin.

The Authority obligated the air carrier to appoint a manager for the station who has full authority, with experience and competence, and familiar with air transport systems. It also obligated to secure the return of any pilgrim who failed to travel to his country for a period not exceeding 3 months from the date of his arrival in the Kingdom.

The authority stressed on air carriers the need to fully adhere to the health requirements and instructions for travelers to the Kingdom, which are issued through the official website of the Saudi Ministry of Health, and to ensure that all pilgrims have evidence that they have obtained the required vaccinations, and that all aircraft are committed to applying procedures for extermination of disease vectors and medical clearance. .