Roy Neuman on the demonstration in Bnei Brak: “Where do you expect us to demonstrate? We are furious”

Roy Neuman on the demonstration in Bnei Brak: “Where do you expect us to demonstrate? We are furious”
Roy Neuman on the demonstration in Bnei Brak: “Where do you expect us to demonstrate? We are furious”

Roy Neuman, one of the leaders of the protest against the legal reform, spoke this morning (Thursday) on the program of Sivan Cohen and Nissim Meshal on 103FM and referred to the demonstration that took place yesterday in the city of Bnei Brak, as part of the expression of opposition to the distribution of the budget and the funds expected to go to the ultra-Orthodox sector.

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When asked by the interviewers what the protest leaders want from the residents of Bnei Brak, Neuman replied that “we are investing money here so that the ultra-Orthodox children who have done nothing wrong to no one will not learn core studies, will not be able to become Israeli citizens who pay taxes, putting them further and further into circles of poverty. We don’t want anything from the ultra-Orthodox street, Gafni lives in the valleys of Bnei Brak and demonstrating outside his house is a safety problem, so in coordination with the police we decided to march. Our goal is not to protest against the ultra-Orthodox public, we have a problem with the leadership of this public. Gafni is the manager of the looting that is currently taking place in the Knesset. We have never done anything like this. The money that is going is going to financially destroy this country for generations to come,” according to him.

He continued and added: “A child is a child is a child, and all children in Israel deserve an opportunity to succeed in life – it comes with having the tools to succeed. A child who does not study core will not have a way to succeed in life. If he leaves the education system without knowing math, English, he is not hired, he becomes an economic burden on the country. This country is being dragged down. Instead of taking the entire 13 billion NIS and investing it in the problems that the entire public in the State of Israel has, they are increasingly investing this money in perpetuating poverty. destroying the country. Now they bring a full evasion law. We demand division.”

As for the claims that these demonstrations are creating a social rift, Neumann contradicted the words: “From the videos I saw, there was interference with the broadcast and not violence. We oppose violence everywhere, our demonstrators experience attacks from the Prime Minister’s emissaries on a weekly basis. Where do you expect us to protest? Whoever is doing the looting Knesset, Gafni for 10 years or more was the chairman of the finance committee, he never conducted himself in this way. Bring here dozens of sections that are simply delusional.”

In conclusion, he said: “There are dozens of photos of people who received our demonstrators with signs of traitorous leftists. If you think that yesterday’s demonstration was not authentic, there really is no connection to reality here. We are angry, furious.”

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Shani Romano 103FM