Emirates News Agency – UAE hosts a workshop on developing nuclear security systems and procedures for events

Dubai, May 18, WAM, The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation and Dubai Police are hosting the national workshop on developing and implementing nuclear security systems and procedures for public events, which

It will conclude its work tomorrow in Dubai, organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Over the course of its five days, the workshop aims to discuss procedures for planning, developing and implementing nuclear security systems for public events, with the participation of federal and local government agencies in the UAE, as well as international experts.

Colonel Expert Juma Ahmed Butti Al Falasi, Deputy Director of the Acting General Department of Transport and Rescue at Dubai Police, said in his opening speech to the workshop. Al-Nawawi in the field of hosting public events, understanding the roles and responsibilities of the parties participating in public events, as well as enabling participants to understand the importance of applying detection and response measures and supporting the security system for events.

And he indicated that the workshop includes very important axes that will contribute to providing the participants from various parties and strategic partners with valuable knowledge about nuclear energy and dealing with radiation, in the context of constant care to explore the future in various modern scientific disciplines.

In turn, Raoul Awwad, Deputy Director General of Operations at the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, said that the workshop is an important opportunity to discuss and present the experience with the International Atomic Energy Agency related to nuclear security arrangements in public events, and represents an opportunity for participants to benefit from the experiences of facing challenges and discuss solutions regarding measures. Nuclear security in public events.

He pointed out that the UAE’s experience in hosting Dubai Expo 2020 is an appropriate example to show the efforts made by the concerned authorities to ensure public safety in hosting such prominent events.

The workshop included presenting the experience of the UAE with regard to nuclear security arrangements, especially for public events that are organized in the country, as well as presenting experiences from the United Kingdom and Egypt in hosting the climate conference during the past years, which implemented special nuclear security measures to detect any unauthorized activity using Radioactive materials.

The International Atomic Energy Agency conducted an exercise during the workshop where Dubai Police and the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation presented their arrangements for Dubai Expo 2020.

It is noteworthy that the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation is responsible for monitoring the nuclear and radiological sectors in the UAE to ensure the safe and peaceful use of these used materials. The authority adopts the implementation of a strong regulatory framework, in addition to issuing licenses for facilities that use radioactive materials to ensure the safety of society and the environment.