Dangerous movements of the Chinese army around Taiwan with a plane and 4 ships, know the details

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense announced Thursday that a drone and four warships of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy crossed the area bordering the island in the past 24 hours.

Drone spotting

The Taiwanese defense said in a statement today, that a drone and four PLAN ships were detected around Taiwan between 6 am on May 17 and 6 am on May 18, pointing out that the WZ-7 drone was identified, as it entered the middle line. In the southwest of the island, aircraft scrambled to locate the air target, and Taiwan issued warnings

regularity amid tensions in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese ships and Planes regularly patrol the waters and airspace near Taiwan amid tensions in the Taiwan Strait that escalated after former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taipei in early August.

High profile visit

China criticized the high-level visit, describing it as a provocation, and considered it interference in its internal affairs and support for Taiwanese separatists.

On the other hand, China succeeded, on Wednesday, in launching the first reserve satellite dedicated to the Beidou system, which is used for navigation and positioning.

The first backup satellite of the national Beidou navigation system

China’s Central Television said in a statement on Wednesday, “China launched the first reserve satellite for the national navigation system, Beidou, to join this satellite with 55 other satellites belonging to the system operating in fixed orbits around the Earth.”

“The backup satellite will increase the reliability of the navigation system and help users locate geographic locations with high speed and accuracy,” the statement added.

According to the available information, the satellite was sent to Earth’s orbits on board a Chinese Long March 3-B rocket launched from the Sichang Space Center located in Sichuan Province, southwest China.

navigation system

The Beidou system is a satellite-based navigation system launched by China since 2000 to compete with GPS and Glonass systems. Three generations of satellites have joined this system: BDS-1, BDS-2, and BDS-3.

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