Postponement of the “general” doctors in Egypt

Postponement of the “general” doctors in Egypt
Postponement of the “general” doctors in Egypt

Postponement of the “General Assembly” of the Medical Syndicate in Egypt due to lack of a quorum

The Secretary-General of the General Syndicate of Egyptian Doctors, Mohamed Farid Hamdi, announced that the legal quorum for doctors, estimated at 1,000 male and female doctors, is not complete, which is required for the validity of the convening of the Ordinary General Assembly, which was called for, today, Friday, at the headquarters of the General Syndicate of Physicians.   

According to the syndicate’s statement today, the door for registration to attend the assembly was opened from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon, and it was extended until three in the afternoon, and the postponement was announced due to the lack of a quorum.

The Secretary General of the Syndicate said that according to the Syndicate Law No. 45 of 1969 and the procedures that were announced in the national newspapers, the Ordinary General Assembly will be held on Friday, corresponding to May 26, at the same place and the announced date, with a quorum of 300 male and female doctors.

It is scheduled that the General Assembly will discuss in its agenda the adoption of the syndicate’s budgets for previous years, the reports of the activities of the General Syndicate Council of Doctors in the various fields and committees, as well as the syndicate’s activities in the various fields and committees and the adoption of previous budgets, in addition to discussions about some items added to the agenda of the General Assembly. Regular attacks, which are the “Medical Liability Law and the delay in its issuance, the repeated attacks on health facilities and their workers, the mechanisms for curtailing them, the implementation and harshening of penalties towards them, the obstacles and obstacles to licensing private medical facilities, fees for signs and hazardous medical waste, tax accounting mechanisms for doctors and the electronic billing system, and the amendment of some articles of the Ethics Regulations Occupation”.

According to the records of the Medical Syndicate, the number of doctors registered with the Syndicate and licensed to practice the profession without retired doctors reached about 228,862 doctors until March 20, 2022, bringing the number of doctors working in the government sector to approximately 93,536 thousand doctors. 

The number of male and female doctors who applied to the Medical Syndicate during the year 2022 with documents to terminate their service from the government health sector in Egypt and to obtain a “free doctor” certificate, which means that the doctor does not work in any government agency, is 4,261 male and female doctors, at a daily rate of 12 male and female doctors.