Barrages towards the Jerusalem mountains, alarms sounded in Beit Shemesh and Beit Illit The IDF destroys the houses of senior officials

The fourth day of fighting: For the first time since Operation Shield and Arrow began, alarms were heard at noon (Friday) in the Jerusalem mountains, in the Beit Shemesh area, in Gush Etzion and even in the city of Beitar Illit. Residents reported hearing explosions and in Beit Shemesh reported falling shrapnel. The shooting towards the territory of the country resumed after long hours of silence and in the background the continuation of the talks on the cease fire. The IDF announced that it continues to attack Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip. In Gaza, it is reported that the Air Force is attacking the homes of senior members of the Islamic Jihad. In the afternoon, the IDF assassinated Iyad al-Hasani, the commander of the operations file of the Islamic Jihad organization.

In the meantime, Israel informed Egypt that “the ceasefire talks are not relevant at the moment” a senior political official said that “following the firing into Israeli territory, for us the ceasefire talks have stopped. There will be a significant Israeli response”.

“The Palestinian resistance launched a targeted missile attack in two phases towards the occupied Jerusalem, Tel Aviv cities and enemy settlements in response to the assassinations and continued aggression against the Palestinian people,” the Islamic Jihad statement said.

18:56 – Red color in Netivot, Sdot Negev and Shaar Negev

18:35 – Falls within a settlement in the Eshkol Regional Council, close to residences and public buildings. There is damage to property. There are no injuries to the body

18:30 – IDF: Alhassani was a key figure in the organization, who was involved in all the decisions concerning the rocket fire at Israel and a major partner in planning offensive lines with the aim of harming the residents of the State of Israel. He was a significant figure in the organization’s readiness for combat

18:15 – The IDF confirms: the commander of the operations file of the Islamic Jihad has been eliminated

17:55 – The Ministry of Health in Gaza: the number of dead rose to 33, 111 were injured.

17:40 – A senior political official told News 12: “Islamic Jihad is looking for a ladder to climb down from and has not yet come to the conclusion that the cost of the loss is too great to bear. Every day that passes increases the gap between Israel’s successes and the GAP’s loss”

17:30 – The Palestinians report>Hamusel – one of the most senior in the military branch of the Jihad and wanted by Israel for over 25 years

17:15 – Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah sent his condolences in his speech to the Palestinian people and “especially to the families of the leaders who were killed by the Zionists”

16:55 – Reports in Gaza: Another senior Jihad officer was killed in the attack on the apartment. The one killed in the apartment is Iyad al-Hasani (Abu Anas), the replacement of Khalil al-Bahtini, who was in charge of the organization’s rocket array.

16:50 – The shooting continued: alarms in the Gaza Strip

16:45 – In the shadow of the attacks in the Gaza Strip: Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Glanz will hold another telephone consultation at 18:00.

16:35 – Defense Minister Yoav Galant: “After many hours in the IDF’s operational headquarters, I can safely say to the citizens of Israel: You have someone to trust in the campaign against terrorism. Shabbat Shalom to the security forces, and to all the people of Israel.”

4:30 p.m – Reports: An apartment was attacked in Gaza City, causing several casualties

15:50 – The Shaar HaNegev Regional Council: Following the recent rocket fire into Nahal Oz, falls were located in open areas near the pool. There are no casualties

15:36 – Red color in several localities in the Gaza Strip

15:35 – The IDF attacked operational headquarters of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip; the headquarters used by the person responsible for the rocket fire in the Rafah sector was attacked

15:22 – The Ministry of Health in Gaza reports that so far 31 Palestinians have been killed in the exchange of fire, including 6 children and 3 women

15:00 – The IDF attacked Motman rocket launchers, a military position and a launching position from which the Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired mortars at the State of Israel

14:45 – In response to the barrages: the IDF attacks the homes of senior members of the Islamic Jihad

14:30 – The Hamas government information office: the power plant in Gaza may stop operating within 72 hours – due to a lack of fuel supply.

14:15 – IDF spokesman: The IDF is now attacking targets of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. More details to come.

14:00 – Palestinian reports: The IDF is attacking in the south of the Gaza Strip.

13:45 – The Islamic Jihad threatens: if Israel continues to attack – the fighting will continue until the parade of flags

13:30 – After the ceasefire talks stopped, Al-Arabiya reported: Egypt is considering reducing its involvement in the mediation talks

13:15 – Netanyahu instructed: to continue precise and targeted attacks and to severely damage the Islamic Jihad. His decision was made after the shooting in the late morning hours

13:10 – As a result of the latest rocket barrage, damage was found to a house in Kibbutz Nir Am. The house was empty. There are no injuries to the body. There is damage to property.

A direct hit to the house in Nir Am

A direct hit to the house in Nir Am
Photo: Dovrat Shaar Hanegev

A direct hit to the house in Nir Am

A direct hit to the house in Nir Am
Photo: Dovrat Shaar Hanegev

13:05 – Beit Shemesh Municipality: shrapnel fell in two locations in the city from an interceptor. They were checked by a police saboteur. There are no casualties

12:55 – The IDF attacked four military outposts, a mortar launch position and an area from which rocket fire was carried out by the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip

12:50 – The Shaar HaNegev Regional Council: As a result of the shelling, a number of casualties were found in open areas. In addition, a fall was found on road 34, between Yachini and Gabim.

12:45 – A senior political official: “From our point of view, the ceasefire talks have stopped. There will be a significant response”

12:40 – A direct hit to a house in Sderot. There are no injuries to the body. Damage was caused.

12:35 – Israel to Egypt: “Ceasefire talks are irrelevant”

12:30 – The director general of the Beit Shemesh municipality directed the director of the security department to immediately open all the public shelters in the city.

In the Beit Shemesh municipality we updated that “all we know, and according to the Home Front Command’s inspection, no falls were found throughout the city.” The MDA organization clarified that at this stage no calls were received on the organization’s 101 emergency line about bodily injuries. At the same time, MDA teams are treating a number of individual anxiety victims.

A senior member of the joint military in the Gaza Strip told the Al Jazeera channel about the latest long-range barrage: “We reversed the results of the round through the attack deep in the Zionist territory, and we succeeded in thwarting the enemy’s plans to isolate the military arm of the jihad.” He also stated that “The factions are in harmony with regard to the place and timing of each response.”

This morning, the IDF admitted that the rocket that hit a residential building in Rehovot last night was not intercepted due to a malfunction. I share in the family’s grief and wish a speedy recovery to the injured,” said IDF spokesman, Brigadier General Daniel Hagari.

“Tonight we attacked military outposts and armed rocket launchers of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, the quality of the intelligence brings significant achievements and attacks,” Hagari added.

According to him, “We allow a routine for the citizens and this requires patience. There are no besieged settlements, it is possible to leave the houses to shop on Friday. Responsibility, patience and long-suffering are still required. These instructions save lives. We will continue to protect the residents and attack the GAP as much as necessary.”