Details of Laila Ezz Al-Arab’s quarrel with Al-Sobky..and this is her shocking reaction!

In the past hours, social media pioneers shared details of the dispute between the artist, Laila Ezz Al-Arab, and the producer Al-Sobki, which surprised the audience because of the unexpected reaction of the artist.

Details of the dispute between Laila Ezz Al-Arab and Al-Sobky

And the artist, Laila, recounted the details of this dispute, saying: “We were filming on Al-Moez Street, and I ordered the biography of the seventh grandfather, and you are out, and we were among the people, and the ordinary audience was watching, clapping, and being happy about it, and the truth is permissible in it.”

And she continued: “I told him that my family taught me how to deal with people like you.”

And she continued: “I always, from the day I entered art, all people thought of me as Hanim and Cute. I told them, “No, I am my family.”

And she concluded, expressing: “I was very happy with the people’s applause for Leah, and it is clear that he is popularly loved.”

Her latest work

It is worth noting that the latest work of the artist, Laila, is her participation in the movie “Taj”, accompanied by the actress, Dina El-Sherbiny, and the artist, Tamer Hosni.

This is in addition to a number of stars, most notably: Sandy, Ahmed Badir, Hala Fakher, Bayoumi Fouad, and Laila Ezz Al-Arab, and it was written by Tamer Hosni and directed by Sarah Wafik.

The events of the film revolve around a fantasy comedic framework, about Tamer Hosni, who embodies two characters of twin brothers named Taj and Haroun, who go through many crises with the succession of events.

In a different context, the last work of the artist, “Ezz Al-Arab”, was her participation in the series “A Urgent Reveal”, starring Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Mustafa Khater and Hanadi Muhanna.

It is written by Ihab Bleibel and Mahmoud Maged, and directed by Shadi Al-Ramli.