Pictures.. The movie “Goog” continues to top the box office in Morocco, achieving high revenues

Our Moroccan news – Abdelilah Boushabeh
The movie “Goog”, starring “Idriss and Mahdi”, continues to top the box office more than a week after its launch in a number of cinemas in Morocco, achieving high revenues that exceeded all expectations.
In connection with the topic, the producer, Rashida Dala, expressed her great happiness after her movie “Goog” achieved record numbers in terms of the number of viewers who flocked to “Megarama” cinema during the first week of its showing, noting that the numbers recorded in a number of cinemas, Such as Marrakech, Tangier, and Rabat.. confirm that this new work will continue to achieve high numbers, after it won the praise and admiration of all followers throughout the Kingdom.
Returning to the events of this new cinematic work that mixes excitement and humor, “Idris” and “Mahdi”, the two heroes of the movie “Goog”, assume the roles of “Halim” and “Mounir”, two “stupid” people, who live exciting and interesting events, in A world without men.
The interesting thing in the story of this film is that Halim and Mounir accidentally find a magic notebook, on which they write a wish that enables them to be alone on earth, before they embark on a journey that plunges them into a nightmare full of comic and powerful situations.
It is noteworthy that the story of the movie “Goog” is inspired by the imagination of the scriptwriter “Bushra Malik”, and directed by “Rabih Shaguid”, with the participation of a group of the brightest stars of the screen, such as Idriss and Mahdi, Rafik Boubaker, Salwa Zarhan, Sakina Darabeel, Amal Al-Atrash.