Muhammad Abdel Aziz responds to Karis Bashar’s attack…and threatens her

Muhammad Abdel Aziz responds to Karis Bashar’s attack…and threatens her
Muhammad Abdel Aziz responds to Karis Bashar’s attack…and threatens her


The Syrian director, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, broke his silence, after the recent statements made by the actress Karis Bashar, in which she claimed that the first “distorted” the series “Fire with Fire” and changed its direction, describing his behavior as “dishonest.”

Abdel Aziz attacked the artist, Bashar, without mentioning her name directly, pointing out that the lack of honesty lies in “gossip, denial, and changing the facts.” He also stressed that these models are only useful for publishing some facts.

Abdel Aziz wrote on his official Facebook page: “Lack of honesty lies in ingratitude, denial, gossip, and connection. Lack of honesty lies in the free jealousy of her colleagues and turning the facts around.”

And he threatened her to publish facts that show “shameful” words about her colleagues and makers with whom she cooperated: “Therefore, with such hostile models, it is only useful to publish facts in audio and video “soon”, whose content will include shameful opinions, unfortunately, against many of the co-workers who worked under their management. For years, and for her colleagues and female colleagues in their latest work.

Abdel Aziz concluded his post, stressing that these facts also include Bashar’s words about the writer of the work, Rami Koussa, who, if he had heard him, would have won dozens of lawsuits and cases against her for defamation and slander.

Karis Bashar’s statements

It is noteworthy that the actress, Karis Bashar, had launched a sharp attack on the director of “Fire with Fire”, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, as she held him responsible for the criticisms of the series.

Bashar said, during a media appearance, that the message that the team of the series, which was shown during the month of Ramadan, wanted to convey, did not arrive as it should, indicating that this is due to the modifications (from deleting and adding) that were made to the scenes.

And she confirmed that she was not aware of the modifications taking place in the scenes of the series, adding: “This means a lack of honesty on the part of the person who was deleting and who was amending and who was throwing scenes and clips on the montage.”

She indicated that writer Rami Koussa withdrew from work before completing his filming, following his disagreement with director Mohamed Abdel Aziz, stressing that he made a great effort and was cooperative from the start of filming until his withdrawal at the 24th episode.