There are no explicit scenes.. Tarot movie producer: Alaa Morsi was psychologically affected

Bilal Sabry, producer of the movie “Tarot” by Rania Youssef and Sumaya Al-Khashab, revealed the truth about the controversy surrounding the film during the recent period.

Bilal Sabri said, in exclusive statements to “Sada Al-Balad” news, that the censorship of artistic works objected to some scenes of the movie “Tarot” and asked to delete them, and indeed the amendments requested by the censorship of the film were made.

He added that the final copy of the film has not yet been sent to censorship, indicating that the copy is currently in the editing stage.

Bilal Sabry explained that the movie “Tarot” deals with the character of an old man, “Abdul Aziz Makhyoun,” who harasses 4 children (three girls and a boy in a children’s shelter), and that the boy embodies his role in growing up, the artist Alaa Morsi.

He added that after this incident, the children are exposed to psychological crises, after they grow up, so we find Rania Youssef caring for her dog more than her husband, and the events continue.

Bilal Sabry explained that the movie “Tarot” does not have explicit scenes on the screen, indicating that the film is psychologically influential, and Alaa Morsi was affected when he watched the movie in the montage.

He pointed out that the movie “Tarot” is in its final stages of editing, after which the censorship of artistic works will watch it, to give permission to show it to the viewer, stressing that the censorship will not accept the presence of any explicit scenes because this has ended since the beginning of the new millennium.

Heroes of the movie “Tarot”

The movie “Tarot” co-stars with a large group, including the star Somaya El Khashab, Rania Youssef, May Selim, Mohamed Ezz, Munther Rayahna, Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, Mohamed Suleiman, Nourhan Hefzy, Alaa Morsi, and Khaled Mahrous, along with a number of guest artists, including Ahmed Al-Tohamy, Muhammad Khamis, Youssef Mansour, the child of “Al-Ghazala Raika”, Kenzi Ramah, and Saeed Yahya, written by Moataz Al-Mufti and directed by Ibram Nashat.

Producer Bilal Sabry, owner of the “Al-King” company, produced many films that topped the trend, including the movie “Dungeon 7” starring Ahmed Zahir and Nidal Al-Shafei, as well as the series “The Children of Imbaba” starring Bayoumi Fouad, Saad Al-Soghair and Farida Saif Al-Nasr, and the series “A Thousand and One Nights”. Starring Sameh Hussein, Shaima Seif, and the series “Villa 101,” Mostafa Abu Saree and Menna Arafa.

Sumaya al-Khashab and her return to the cinema

Sumaya al-Khashab revealed that she is returning to the cinema with a new movie after an absence of many years.

Sumaya al-Khashab said, in an exclusive statement to “Echo of the Country”: “When this movie was shown to me, I was very impressed with it, especially since the story of the work is rich and takes place in a suspenseful framework, and my role in it is different and I have not presented it before.”

On the other hand, Sumaya al-Khashab explained that she continues to read more than one dramatic scenario to participate in one of them, and she did not settle until this moment, but she will resolve the matter within the next few days and choose a series from it to participate in, and indicated that the coming period will witness an intense state of artistic activity. she has.

It is worth noting that the movie “The Great Night” is the last film in which the star Sumaya al-Khashab participated in the cinema since 2015, and a number of artists participated in it, including Ahmed Badir, Safia Al-Omari, Samiha Ayoub, Amr Abdel-Galil, and other stars directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.

Rania Youssef depicts Ward and Rayhan

On the other hand, the artist Rania Youssef recently filmed her scenes in the movie “Ward and Rayhan” with the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawy in Dubai.

Rania Youssef confirmed, in press statements, that she is happy to cooperate with Al-Fishawy, especially since she considers him as a brother and friend for a long time, hoping that the film will be liked by the audience.