Humanitarian issues and time travel.. The list of recipients at the Saudi Film Festival | art

Yesterday, Thursday, the Saudi Film Festival concluded its ninth session, and the films “Abd”, directed by Mansour Asad, and “The Crow’s Song”, directed by Muhammad Al-Salman, shared the most prominent awards for the feature film competition.

The movie “Abd” won the Golden Palm Award for Best Feature Film, and it also won the Best Editing and Best Executed Screenplay awards.

The film revolves around a director who made a movie with his wife that angered society, then he finds the opportunity to travel through time to correct his mistakes, but things get out of control.

The film “The Crow’s Song” also won the Jury Prize, in addition to the Best Actor Award for the artist Issam Awad and the Best Cinematography Award.

The film “The Crow’s Song” revolves around “Nasser”, who discovers that he has a brain tumor, and soon becomes fascinated by a mysterious young woman as soon as they meet, which makes him discover what he wants to do before undergoing a dangerous surgery, at a time when he tries to reach the girl’s heart by means of Song.

The award for Best Actress in the feature film competition went to Aseel Omran for her role in the movie “Tariq Al-Wadi” directed by Khaled Fahd.

“Tariq al-Wadi” revolves around Ali, an autistic young man who loses his way while going to visit a doctor in a nearby village, where he finds himself lost and faces many obstacles and challenges that will not help him explore the world around him. The film is directed and written by Saudi director Khaled Fahd, and starring Hamad Farhan, Nayef Khalaf, and Aseel Omran.

The jury awarded the award for the best Gulf feature film to the two Iraqi films “The Wood Man” by director Qutayba Al-Janabi and “The Last Courier” by Saad Al-Sabbagh.

In the short narrative film competition, the Golden Palm award was won by the movie “Antidote” directed by Hassan Saeed, while the Jury Prize went to the movie “Aquamarine” directed by Hussein Al-Mutlaq.

The Saudi Film Festival is an annual non-profit cultural event, organized by the Cinema Society in partnership with the Ithra Center, and sponsored by the Saudi Film Authority.