Musa, the son of Heba Magdy, raises controversy with his first public appearance on social media.. A photo!

Musa, the son of Heba Magdy, raises controversy with his first public appearance on social media.. A photo!
Musa, the son of Heba Magdy, raises controversy with his first public appearance on social media.. A photo!

The pioneers of social networking shared pictures of the artist Magdy’s gift And a young child, and they indicated that it was the first photo she collected with her second son, “Musa,” who was close to his second year.

The fact is that these pictures are from behind the scenes of filming one of the advertisements in which Heba Magdy recently participated for baby diapers, and that they are not pictures of her real son, and that this child is a model for this advertisement and has nothing to do with the artist.

The appearance of Heba Magdy accompanied by a child raises controversy

Nevertheless, some of her followers insisted on “Instagram» That the child is her son Musa, who has not appeared with her in any picture since his birth, like his older sister Dahab, who is 4 years old, as she appeared in very few pictures accompanied by her parents, Heba Magdy andMohammed Mohsen With her facial features hidden.

Sons of Heba Magdy and Mohamed Mohsen

It is noteworthy that Heba Magdy gave birth to her son, Musa, on September 20 of the year 2021, and his name was inspired by the name of the series “Musa”, which was shown during the Ramadan season of the same year, starring the star Muhammad Ramadan, and Heba deliberately concealed her pregnancy.

She was keen to publish old photos of her or pictures showing her face only, and on some occasions she resorted to publishing photos from the archive of memories, as she did to support her colleague Yasmine Abdel Aziz in her sick ordeal, as Magdy published a picture of them from childhood.

Heba Magdy behind the scenes of her new ad

On April 22, 2017, Heba Magdy and Mohamed Mohsen gave birth to their first child, and they named her “Dahab.” At that time, the Egyptian artist suffered from pregnancy depression.

Heba Magdy talks about her family

In the same context, it is mentioned that Sahranin program Which is being presented by the star Amir Karara, and the broadcaster on ON channel. He had hosted the star Ahmed Salah Hosni, the artist Heba Magdy, and the singer Iman Al-Shumaiti.

During the meeting, the artist, Heba Magdy, said about her association with her husband, singer Mohamed Mohsen, and their dealings with her daughter, “Dahab” and her son, “Musa.” She said: “My husband loves children, Dahab, my daughter is 4 and a half years old, and she is very attached to her father.”

She also added that her husband, singer Muhammad Mohsen, shares her opinion on the songs, saying: “If Muhammad liked a song, he would send it to me, so I would listen to it in order to take my opinion, and his silence in singing is new to me.

And about her childhood, she revealed: “During the third grade of primary school.. I worked in the series Amo Fouad for 4 consecutive seasons, and Professor Fouad Al-Mohandes was always active and wanted to dance with us, and I knew the value of the pictures that bring me together with the stars these days.. I was playing ballet and I took a picture with Sabreen in my childhood After years, I didn’t believe that I was the one who took a picture with her.

And she continued: “I was only in a school for nuns and girls, and it was not useful for me to speak to pure boys .. I was a strong naughty person, and once I ran at home, I banged on the table, opened my eyebrows, and sewed without anesthesia.”

Gift Magdy:

On the other hand, the artist, Heba Magdy, shared with her followers several new photos of her on her official page on the social networking site, to exchange photos and short videos, “Instagram”.

Heba Magdy appeared in the pictures with a distinguished and modest look, wearing a bright green blazer, and relying on the calm makeup that highlighted the beauty of her face and the brown tufts of her hair falling on her shoulder.

The last work of the artist, Heba Magdy

It is noteworthy that the latest works of Heba Magdy Al-Maddah revolve around the story of the series “praise 3 .. The Legend of Love” about the story of Saber, the child who was adopted and raised by the imam of the mosque, then he fell in love with a girl to take another path, as some people in power use him in their illegal trade, and many other things, then he has a series of strange dreams, which makes Saber enter into battles With the jinn, where the events unfold in shocks as well as crises

And the artist, Heba Magdy, expressed her happiness with the reactions about her role in the series “Al-Maddah 3”, through a television interview on the Insider program in Arabic.

Heba Magdy said: “I am very happy with the audience’s reactions about my character in the series, and the character of Rehab still controls me after the end of work in my personal life, especially since she is a mother and was very attached to her son.”

New heroes in praise 3

Participated in “Al-Madah series.. “The Legend of Love” is a group of new artists who participate in the work for the first time, including Yousra Al-Lawzi, who appeared in a picture from the scenes of work with Hamada, to renew artistic cooperation between them after the series Energy of Destiny and for the first time in the Al-Madah series, and Salma Abu Deif, who plays an influential role. In the events of the series, the artist Lucy, who appears as a fairy, fights Saber Al-Maddah, and the artist Khaled Zaki appears in the work.

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