Ahmed Badir after being honored in the Catholic Church for the movie “Qamar 14”: I made two scenes, but this is a zucchini | news

The artist, Ahmed Badir, joked about attending the closing ceremony of the Catholic Center Festival after being honored with the Special Jury Prize for his participation in the movie “Qamar 14”.

Badir said on the stage: “If I had known that I would receive the beautiful award, I would have worn a suit or even rented a suit. I was surprised that in the moon of 14, I am doing two scenes. .

Ahmed Badir

It was mentioned that the movie “Qamar 14” was starring a large group of the most prominent artists, including Khaled Al Nabawy, Sherine Reda, Ahmed Al-Fishawy, Yasmine Rais, Khaled Anwar, Mai Al-Ghaity, Ahmed Malik, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid, Ahmed Badir, Ahmed Hatem, Muhammad Jumaa. Bayoumi Fouad, Laila Ezz Al-Arab, written by Mahmoud Zahran, directed by Hadi Al-Bagouri, and produced by Ahmed Al-Sobky.

Ahmed Badir

The events of the film take place when the moon of the 14th night rises over the sky of Egypt, and under its light we witness several emotional relationships that try to withstand and succeed. Where their owners collide with various prohibitions imposed on them by society, to hinder their relationships and threaten them with failure. Our heroes try to confront these taboos and challenge the energy of Qamar 14.

Ahmed Badir

The jury of the seventy-first session was formed, headed by director Hani Lashin, and the membership of each of: the artist Magda Zaki, the artist Magdy Kamel, the Tunisian artist Aisha bin Ahmed, the president of the Academy of Fine Arts, Ghada Jabara, the director of photography Sameh Selim, the writer and art critic Nahed Salah, and the musician Khaled Al-Kammar .

The Supreme Committee of the festival revealed the five films participating in the official competition for this year, among twenty-five films that were shown commercially in cinemas, in addition to two films that were shown on platforms, and the five films that were selected are, “Moon Night 14” directed by Hadi El Bagoury, and the movie “11:11”. Directed by Karim Abu Zeid, “Hadath fi Talaat Harb 2” directed by Magdy Ahmed Ali, “Kamila” directed by John Ikram, and “The Green Gate” directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz.

The Catholic Center Film Festival is an Egyptian film festival, and it is considered the oldest film festival in the Middle East. .

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