The two Batma sisters share the lead in a new movie (+ video)

Published in:
May 15, 2023

Last updated:
May 14, 2023

The actress, Donia Batma, and her sister, Ibtisam, are sharing the starring role in a new cinematic work by the director, Dimna Bounailat, after they were chosen as the heroines for the movie “Al-Bouz”, which is being filmed these days in Agadir.

Several Moroccan stars will participate in the film, in addition to Donia and Ibtissam, such as Abdallah Farkous, Rafik Boubaker, Bouchra Ahrish and Mourad Al-Ashabi, as well as actors from Turkey.

The story of the film quoted several events and facts from the life of the artist, Donia Batma, starting from her upbringing in a popular neighborhood until she reached the world of singing and fame, while the role of her sister in the film simulates the latter’s attempt to exploit her sister’s “stardom” through social networking sites to reach her aspirations of fame in The virtual world is fast and unpredictable.

The events take place in a cinematic format that is worth watching. The director, Dimna Bounailat, chose to film his events in the city of Agadir and its environs, to introduce the tourism potential of the region and contribute to its promotion.

Donia Batma said that she is not very far from the field of acting and theatre, especially since she grew up in an artistic community among her family and uncles, adding that she was surprised by the integration of her sister in the role entrusted to her by the director, stressing that it will not be her first and last experience in the field of acting, but rather It will be followed by other posts in new cinematic films.