What did Ronaldo’s mother comment after she was accused of using magic to separate her son and Georgina?

Maria Dolores Aveiro, the mother of the Portuguese star in the ranks of the Saudi victory, Cristiano Ronaldo, announced that urgent legal measures were taken after she was accused of using magic and sorcery to separate her son and his partner, Georgina Rodriguez.

And Portuguese media reported that Ronaldo’s mother did not like Georgina and wanted a separation between them, and that she resorted to magic and sorcery to achieve this end.

And the mother of the Portuguese star published a statement in Portuguese through her account on “Instagram”, in which she explained that she had gone to the judiciary to file a lawsuit against all these lies, noting that a well-known Portuguese newspaper was using her family name to promote herself.

She also attached to the photo entitled (Urgent) “What has been published is false news and horrific fabrications against me that are untrue,” indicating that the newspaper claimed that it had taken actions to destroy the happiness of her son.

A few days earlier, Dolores Aveiro denied the existence of major differences between her son and the famous model, stressing that all this is just rumors and lies and has no basis in truth.

Ronaldo’s mother’s statements came to deny rumors of her rejection of Ronaldo’s marriage, according to what was published by the Spanish newspaper “Marca” earlier.

And the newspaper claimed in early 2023 that Dolores sees Georgina who does not love Ronaldo and knows him only in order to benefit from his money, which is what makes her reject the idea of ​​​​their marriage.

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