The Stallone family storms reality TV, disavowing the series “The Kardashian Family”

On the seventeenth of May, the series “The Family Stallone Family” was launched on the Paramount + screen, and it is the program in which the American actor Sylvester Stallone, the hero of the famous Rocky and Rambo series, joins the world of reality television in the footsteps of the famous Kardashian family. Accompanied by his wife Jennifer and his daughters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlett, Stallone will present the details of their daily lives and the activities they carry out in a spontaneous but documentary format, as scenes of their daily routine follow in an unorganized framework.

The cameras will follow the Stallone family, who was nominated for three Oscars, as they go about their lives and private visits, and will accompany the veteran actor to the filming locations of his TV series “Tulsa King.”

It was learned that the scenes of the Stallone girls’ private relationships, the secrets of their separation, and their father’s support in writing separation letters will top the eight-episode series.

Stallone had previously explained to Reuters that the new program is inspired by a program presented by his daughters Sistine and Sophia via social media, and it carries a message that the manifestations of wealth owned by any person do not exempt him from sharing the same concerns, requirements and desires of his fellow man, and the program was found for everyone to watch. .

Stallone also touched on the possibility of comparing his program to the famous series The Kardashian, explaining that he and his family have adopted a completely different path, and they seek not to resemble any other entertainment program, preserving the identity of the program and its meaningful message.