Efi Neve against the Election Committee of the Bar Association: “Foreign considerations”

Efi Neve against the Election Committee of the Bar Association: “Foreign considerations”
Efi Neve against the Election Committee of the Bar Association: “Foreign considerations”

Effie Nevethe former chairman of the Bar Association, today submitted a petition to the District Court in Tel Aviv against the Election Committee of the Bar Association. The petition attacks the committee’s decision to disqualify the digital signatures of support submitted by the candidates for the presidency of the bar. According to the rules of the bar, each candidate must submit 550 supporting signatures The decision may lead to Noah’s disqualification. According to the decision, an individual discussion in the committee is expected for each candidate this coming Monday (May 16).

In the petition, which was submitted together with attorney Nidal Awadeh and the list of “one office” headed by Neve, it is claimed that the decision was made for political and foreign considerations, and that it “infringes on the fundamental rights of the petitioners”.

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“The decision was not supported by proper reasoning, does not pass the tests of administrative correctness and its harm to the petitioners and their list is extremely difficult, and it is extremely unreasonable and goes beyond all practical and legal logic.”

Neve claims that the election committee’s decision violates his reliance on a previous decision of the committee dated 4/20/23 that allowed the submission of signatures that were approved by remote visual inspection. According to him, the new decision, which was passed this week, cancels the previous one

He further claims that at the stormy meeting held by the election committee, the chairman of the committee announced that all the candidates presented valid signatures, but only after allegations were raised by committee members about forgeries and deficiencies was the decision made to disqualify digital signatures by a majority of 13 against 6 members.

“The decision was given while severely and drastically harming the petitioners, so they will be disqualified without the possibility of correction,” claims Neve. “This is a general horizontal decision that lacks any proportion, while giving arbitrary authority to the 1st respondent (the committee) to politically decide the fate of the candidates.”

Last night, Noah’s mother, the late Eda Nevea, died and her funeral will be held on Sunday. According to attorney Roy Abrahamovitz, the head of Noah’s campaign, “the petition was submitted more than necessary, during days of heavy mourning, in order to avoid delay and even though the committee’s decision is not personal and has not yet We received an official letter from the bureau which links the election committee’s decision with Efi Neve’s candidacy.” He also added that “we rely on the notification of the bar mechanism that officially informed us that his candidacy was submitted legally after they checked all the signatures supporting Noah and informed us that they were submitted legally, above the quota set in the election rules for the Bar Association.”

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