Join the broadcast on channel ONE: the ceremony of the chosen ones of the season

Who will be the player of the season for the 2022/23 season? Who will be the stranger of the season, the goalkeeper of the season, the discovery of the season, the breakthrough of the season, who will be chosen for the 11 of the season? Who will be the actress of the season? Goalkeeper of the season? All the answers to this at this time at the Oscar ceremony of Israeli football, the season’s picks of the football players’ organization in collaboration with ONE.

In the special ceremony that is now taking place with the participation of Israeli football officials, coaches, team owners from the Premier League, the National League, League A, and the Women’s League, the chosen ones of the Israeli football season will be crowned. The event was sponsored by Migdal Insurance Company, Toto, Adidas, OPEL, Ono Academic College, and KARCHER.

The players of the season were chosen by the players of the Premier League, the coaches of the Premier League, the players and coaches of the National League, the soccer players, and hundreds of thousands of surfers of the ONE website. The ceremony has already become a tradition and is being held for the third year in this format. During the event, the coach of the season in the Premier League, the National League, the Legionnaire of the season, the Legionnaire of the season, the defensive players of the season in the Premier League, Leumit and the Women’s League will also be crowned.

Also, for the first time, the judge of the season will be crowned tonight, where there is a huge fight between the three candidates Aviad Shiloh, Eitan Shmoelevich, and Gal Leibovich. Also, the favorite player in the Premier League will be crowned, where there was also a huge fight between the contestants who reached the final stage – Chiron Sherry, Eran Zahavi, Danilo Asperia and Miguel Vitor.

During the ceremony, the king and queen of the goals sponsored by Adidas, the king of the goals of the season and many other surprises will be crowned. The event is now broadcast live on channel ONE, which will accompany his entire journey with a special transmitter. The event takes place through the production company TRIPLE PRODUCTION owned by Yaron Caesari and Moshe Primosher.

Nir Alon, the chairman of the sports division of the Histadrut, said: “We have been preparing for this event for three or four months, now it is the peak of the peak, there are many surprises, this season we also added a referee of the season, we will say goodbye to referees and retiring players, we will give the honor here. There were close to a million surfers who voted, everyone understands what it is to be an actor and we think for them even the day after.”

Moshiko Mishalof, CEO of the players’ organization, added: “This season we brought new things like the team of the year and the clean sheet, so that players get more and more. It’s their fun, they worked hard and they deserve it. It’s not just who wins, it’s the candidates, they were good all year and now they receive this good from hundreds of thousands of surfers, the title is the extra and it is also reflected in the next contract. I’m here to protect the rights of the players, I see what’s happening in football and I want to help them the way they helped me.”

professor Avi Moyalwho leads the curriculum for athletes at Ono, said: “There is a special program called ‘The Day After’ that is intended for athletes, especially those from football, we have over 100 graduates in seven years, Omri Afek outlined the idea, he accompanies them for three years and the results are amazing, there are over 150 students and the goal is to provide players with management tools, an academic degree and tools for entrepreneurship.”

Barak Becher, Avi Moyal and Omari Afek (Reuven Schwartz)

Generation Malol, the captain of Hapoel Haifa who participates in the program, said: “This event is a welcome initiative, kudos to the performers and producers, gives a feeling of being abroad a bit. the plan? What brought me was friends and Omari who pulled me in the direction, I didn’t know too much what it contained and when I entered I realized that it was a mast for players. We are in a certain bubble and do not know what life is like outside. You start it at the age of 34-35 and you need to understand how to put in amounts that are close to what you earned.

“The program helps to combine evening studies together with training in the morning, there are extreme situations like games and then you can subtract a specific lesson and complete it. There is tracking and support, a very good hive that helps the player. Even bigger players than me told me: ‘Dor, prepare for the day after me’, it’s not easy to go out in life and realize that there is no such money. I study education and society with a specialization in sports, the degree that Omri and my father established. We learn a lot of things related to the sporting aspect and I hope I can incorporate it in the future.”

CEO of Toto, Meir Bardogo, said about the activity in the last year: “2022 was the best year in the history of the Toto with a turnover of 2.6 billion shekels, and record profits transferred to the State of Israel in the amount of 700 million shekels. We are talking about unprecedented records. In the end, I always say that the secret is when there is good sports content. Football, basketball, leagues and interesting enterprises – the toto earns.

Ceremony of the chosen ones of the season (Itzik Blanitsky)

“There is a direct relationship between the quality of the leagues and competitions and the income. The interest and tension surrounding lotto winners is a symbiotic connection to sports. This year was better, when we opened it with the best quarter in the history of the Toto, and this, as I said, is a direct result of quality and interest in the leagues and the various enterprises.”

He said about the standout of the season: “This is a difficult question. I think that someone from Maccabi Haifa, in the end they gave a dream season, managed to break the barrier and the glass ceiling of an Israeli team when they won the championship at the same time as a great campaign in the Champions League in which they also took points.”

Yonatan Chaimnational sales manager of Opel, said: “Aspire for a very beautiful and wonderfully organized event, our connection to football is very natural, our symbol has been emblazoned on big teams such as Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, Milan and even Hapoel Haifa when they won a historic championship, so that the connection is very natural and familiar to us.

Sharon Nisanov, Moshe Sinai, Shino Zoertz and Avi Luzon (Itzik Blanitsky)

“Innovations in the automotive world? Electric is the talk, we have several new models, the world is going there and we are completely there, even the global Opel has decided that in 2025 they will only produce electric cars. invest in groups? If it was up to me, I would talk to Yaakov Shahar, even though it’s a Volvo and it’s a bit problematic.”

Yaron Shamai From Migdal Insurance he said: “This is the third year we have hosted the event, it is very much in line with the values ​​and the way the company perceives itself. We have a long relationship with the players’ organization, we know that the sports world is very limited in terms of working years and then we have to worry about the future.

“The insurance agents are our business partners, the idea we created this year is to share with them and involve them in this event, you see a lot of children and it connects them to the world of sports. Player of the season? There are fans of all the teams here, there are expectations, don’t get me confused. In general, I will say that we really like sports, the worlds are connected and I wish everyone success, everyone excels.”

Sharon Nisanov (Itzik Blanitsky)

Yoni Stoyanov, who was loaned from Po’el BS to the Nes Ziona section, said: “I had a good season personally, but unfortunately it was not enough to stay in the league. I always give my all, I’m happy that I expressed myself on the field and was able to show my abilities, I improved on the offensive side. I am returning to Hapoel Be’er Sheva and hope to succeed there, I believe in myself and think this is the right path for me.”

Sean Goldberg, Maccabi Haifa defender, said: “The apparent appointment of Masai Dago? Until things are published I don’t know what to say, what I can say is that it is a strong and healthy club and whatever happens I am sure we will continue to fight for all the titles because we are Maccabi Haifa and we will always aim as high as possible.”

Or and Omar Atzili (Itzik Blanitsky)
Shawn Goldberg and Rami Gershon (Itzik Blanitsky)
Roy Gordana and Jordan Shua (Itzik Blanitsky)
Ran Kozhuk and Barak Becher (Itzik Blanitsky)
Patrick Twamsi and Jordan Shua (Itzik Blanitsky)
Avi Nemani and Sharon Tamm (Itzik Blanitsky)
Omer Atzili (Itzik Blanitsky)
Ceremony of the chosen ones of the season (Itzik Blanitsky)
Barak Becher, Ofira Assig, Eran Zahavi and Nir Alon (Itzik Blanitsky)
Eran Zahavi and Barak Becher (Itzik Blanitsky)
Avi Moyal, Omri Afek, Moshiko Mishalof and Dor Malol (Reuven Schwartz)
Barak Becher and Nir Alon (Itzik Blanitsky)
Barak Bacher at the season's selection ceremony (Itzik Blanitsky)
Odalia Friedman, Avi Luzon and Moshe Sinai (Itzik Blanitsky)
Barak Bacher (Itzik Blanitsky)
Mogis Zakaria, Muhammad Kanaan and Nanad Savatkovich (Itzik Blanitsky)
Avi Luzon and Nir Alon (Itzik Blanitsky)
Karin Sandel (Itzik Blanitsky)
Nir Alon and Avi Luzon (Reuven Schwartz)
Muhammad Canaan and Mogis Zakaria (Reuven Schwartz)
Barak Becher and Nir Alon (Reuven Schwartz)
Mogis Zakaria and Djimi Alexis (Reuven Schwartz)
Sharon Nisanov, Moshe Sinai, Shino Zwartz and Avi Luzon (Reuven Schwartz)
Ofer Ronen and Ofira Assig (Reuven Schwartz)

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