News – “Electricity of Elections”: The Ministry of Interior will “generate” energy!

News – “Electricity of Elections”: The Ministry of Interior will “generate” energy!
News – “Electricity of Elections”: The Ministry of Interior will “generate” energy!
Amal Khalil

The Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Bassam Mawlawi, resolved the controversy over the tender for “lighting polling stations, registration committees and operating rooms”… by canceling it completely. He replaced the assignment of a private company to provide energy during the elections to the municipalities and the Electricité du Liban. The sources of the “Interior” confirmed to “Al-Akhbar” that the electricity crisis “is limited to the polling stations, while the sorting operations will take place in the Serail of each governorate, which the institution can supply exclusively with energy.”

The alternative plan adopted by Molloy is based on “giving the governors financial advances and the powers to communicate with the municipalities to provide all polling stations with energy between six in the afternoon and six in the morning. Accordingly, the municipalities act according to their capabilities; Among those who own generators, rent private generators, or provide diesel fuel to generators owned by private individuals or companies. To oversee implementation of the plan, Molloy and the governors will tour all polling stations.
The General Directorate of Political Affairs and Refugees in the Ministry announced, on the 12th of this month, that it would solicit offers for companies wishing to supply power to polling stations, registration committees and operating rooms in district and governorate centers (for registration committees between May 5 and May 20, and for polling centers from the morning of May 15 until after mid-afternoon). the night of the polling day itself, and feeding the operating rooms with energy without interruption until the end of the counting). The deadline for submitting bids was limited to 12 hours. Four companies have submitted bids. After the bids were closed on April 13, the “Master Minds Production” company won. However, after about two hours, the ministry announced the solicitation of new offers with a deadline of only one day to provide power to the polling stations only. In contrast to the first solicitation and the price survey, which took hours, the bids did not result in the second solicitation, to which the deadline for submission expired at noon last April 14, before it was decided yesterday to cancel the tender in its two rounds.

But what is the fate of the company that won the first bidding tender? The president of “Master Minds” Mireille Chouvani confirmed to “Al-Akhbar” that she was not aware of the cancellation of the tender, and she was still waiting until yesterday evening for the second bidding to be opened. I was informed from the Ministry that the reason for the delay is “related to administrative transactions carried out by the concerned departments after surveying the offers and prices submitted by the companies.” She pointed out that her company’s winning of the tender was due to the fact that “within 12 hours it was able to submit an offer that includes all centers, pens and operating rooms in all regions, in addition to offering us the best price.” The opening of the first bids took place in the presence of company representatives who were surprised to receive a second bid to submit to another tender limited to lighting polling stations.
The Saqal Generators Company submitted to the second round of bids, and rumors circulated about an “agreement to extend the deadline between the company’s owners and officials to award the tender.” However, the company’s sources confirmed to Al-Akhbar that “we were invited to participate in the tender like other specialized companies,” stressing that “the tender has not been awarded to any company so far.”

The Ministry of the Interior canceled the solicitation of offers to assign private companies to feed the pens with current

And prompted the project to award the “election electricity” to a private company, the announcement by “Electricity of Lebanon” that it needs 16 million dollars to provide energy on the day of the elections, while the budget allocated by the ministry for the entire electoral process does not exceed 12 million dollars. The ministry sent a circular at the end of last month to all governors, mayors and mayors asking them to present their capabilities to provide energy at polling and counting centers during the upcoming elections. The ministry was satisfied with what the municipalities sent, without conducting a field inspection, “because the time has come,” according to concerned sources. Most of the municipalities confirmed their inability to do so, logistically and financially. The preliminary disclosure showed that the number of polling stations is 1,907, and the number of rooms is 6,825. As for the registration committees in Sarayat, governorate centers, and palaces of justice, the number is 26, while the number of electoral committees is 159, and the number of higher committees is 30. The capabilities of the electric municipalities varied, according to the survey. For example, in Beirut there are a number of generators deposited in the municipal stadium that need to be refueled. While Tripoli schools are without generators. There is no power in the towns of Jurd Keserwan and Jbeil, and there are no batteries for the generator in Hajoula, the Bekaa. According to the disclosure, most of the centers need maintenance and installation of lighting and repair of the internal electricity supply. As for the provision of energy, it requires special generators, subscription generators available in the scope of each region, and emergency backup generators.

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