The summit of the Arab League: Assad scolded Turkey and attacked Israel

The summit of the Arab League: Assad scolded Turkey and attacked Israel
The summit of the Arab League: Assad scolded Turkey and attacked Israel

In a speech at the Arab League summit in Saudi Arabia on Friday, Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman addressed the Palestinian issue: “It is the central issue of Arab countries. The kingdom will not delay in providing assistance to the Palestinian people in recovering their lands and establishing an independent state along the lines of ’67 with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

The President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad: “Many issues that threaten our future must be discussed, among them the crimes of the Zionist entity rejected by Arab countries against the struggling Palestinian people, alongside the danger of the spreading Ottoman idea. The work system in the Arab League and the work tools must be developed so that they fit the present. We must prevent external interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries.”

Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Abu Mazen: “In 1948, the Zionist gangs committed more than 51 documented massacres at our hands and destroyed more than 530 Palestinian villages, the Zionist narrative denies the Nakba and the crimes committed against the Palestinian people. We condemn the continued damage to the holy places and call on the international community to prosecute Israel for its crimes against our people and violations of international law and to provide us with international protection. We will continue on our path of struggle against Israeli aggression and in the diplomatic efforts to restore the rights of our people, we will continue to call for full membership in the United Nations. We hope that the International Court of Justice will issue a verdict against the legality of the regime established by Israel, the state of occupation and apartheid, on the land of Palestine.” .

The President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi: “We followed with sorrow and pain the irresponsible Israeli escalation in the Palestinian territories and what happened in the Gaza Strip. Egypt continues to make efforts to bring about calm, but we warn that the continuation of the conflict in a military and security manner will lead to disastrous results for both nations Palestinian and Israeli. We cling to the strategic choice for a just and complete peace through the Arab initiative and the international decisions and the establishment of a Palestinian state within the borders of ’67 with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

The King of Jordan, Abdullah II, in a speech at the Arab League: “The Palestinian issue is at the center of our interest, there is no escaping a just and complete solution that will not be realized if the Palestinian people do not have the right to establish an independent state within the borders of ’67, with East Jerusalem as its capital. Peace will not be realized alongside the continued construction of settlements and land confiscation and demolition houses and the expulsion of the Palestinians from their homes and the destruction of any chance of a two-state solution. The alternative to this will place the entire region on the axis of the ongoing conflict. The historical status quo in the holy places in Jerusalem must be respected, its Arab Islamic-Christian identity must be respected and Jordanian guardianship respected.”

The speeches were published on the Telegram channel of ‘Khan Haudas’.

Roy Kays, the head of the Arab section at ‘Khan Haudad’, noted that “two countries did not speak during the Jeddah summit – Qatar and the Emirates, which was represented at the summit by the vice president of the country, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed.”

It was also reported that the Emir of Qatar left the Arab League summit before Assad’s speech. Qatar is known to be one of the prominent opponents of normalization. Media outlets affiliated with the Assad regime reported that there was a handshake between the two and even a conversation.

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