Fans broke into the field at the end of Maccabi Tel Aviv – Ashdod

Particularly serious events at the end of the game today (Saturday) between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Ashdod, which ended 2:1 to the Yellows. At the end, hundreds of fans stormed the field, including children, and several curses were heard directed at Maccabi Tel Aviv coach Aitor Karanka.

Some fans were seen breaking the gate and the nets, after security failed to prevent their entry. About 100 Maccabi Tel Aviv fans waited by the team’s bus and cursed the coach. Maccabi’s outgoing CEO Sharon Tamm complained to the stadium council: “As soon as the security guards opened the gates, it was clear that the children would enter. Why did you open?”.

The Rabbi replied: “I presented you with 9 names, let’s see what you will do with it. How will it deter if nothing happens? I have been in the profession for 22 years, this has never happened to me in my life.”

Even earlier, during the game, a number of serious calls were heard towards coach Aitor Karanka. Among other things, the chants of “resign”, curses in Spanish and even “Ijo de Futa” were heard. Karanka was appointed the team’s coach last January, replacing Vladimir Ivić who left for Russia.

Crowds entered after the whistle



Fans on the grass

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