Maccabi fans broke into the grass and cursed Karanka

Yuval Bar 20/05/2023 22:18
Aitor Kranka (Reuven Schwartz)

Maccabi Tel Aviv beat MS Ashdod tonight (Saturday) 1:2 at the YA Stadium, but the protests of the team’s fans against coach Aitor Karanka continue. This was expressed with abnormal chants and horrible curses towards the Spanish coach. A part of the yellow crowd was heard cursing Karanka with chants: “Leave 17****”, “Ben Z***” and “Resign”.

This was not the end of the mess, as at the end of the game chaos began. Maccabi Tel Aviv fans broke into the team’s lawn from the port city, reached the players’ exit, sang songs and continued to curse Karanka. At the final whistle, everyone ran to the players and the players tried to get down as quickly as possible, but there were also some who hugged and took pictures with fans.

As I remember, in the last meeting before the current game with the players, Karanka seemed very depressed and turned off, so much so that the players interpreted it as if he already knew something that others did not. Of course it could also just be a momentary low mood that is affected by other things, but in Karanka’s situation, any such sudden change in mood jumps everyone.

Maccabi Tel Aviv fans break into the grass
Maccabi Tel Aviv fans break into the grass
Maccabi Tel Aviv fans break into the grass
Maccabi Tel Aviv fans break into the grass

In addition, as another hint to draw the conclusion from above, in some of the conversations that Karanka had in the last few days with several officials, he made sure to say “if I stay in the job”, in response to all kinds of questions directed about him about the next season.

Maccabi Tel Aviv fans (Reuven Schwartz)

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