Casemiro: Perhaps Salah wants to avenge the old injury!

Casemiro: Perhaps Salah wants to avenge the old injury!
Casemiro: Perhaps Salah wants to avenge the old injury!

Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro responded to Mohamed Salah’s desires for revenge after his team’s victory over Manchester City in the Champions League.

The Egyptian international team had booked its place in the final after overcoming the obstacle of Villarreal after a difficult victory (3-2) at the yellow submarine land.

The Liverpool wing expressed his desire to confront the royal before yesterday’s meeting, and then returned again to publish a tweet on Twitter threatening the capital’s team in the upcoming meeting.

What did Casemiro say?

Speaking to the press after the match, Casemiro responded to Salah, explaining that the match would not be easy, and he also shared his opinion about Al-Masry’s desire to take revenge on the royal.

He said: “Anyone can choose what he wants, he may say so because of his previous injury.”

He continued, “It’s another final and another date and we respect it and know it will be difficult.”

What about the final match?

The final match will be held on May 28 in the “Stade de France” in the French capital, Paris, between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

The royal faced the Reds twice in the Champions League final, where the English team managed to win in the 1981 edition, before the capital club took revenge in the 2018 edition.

The match is highly awaited, especially after the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah vowed to the Spanish team, and the current riyal glowed with Karim Benzema, who is providing exceptional performances in the game this season.

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