Biden makes a fuss with talk about the “hidden imam” of Islam

Biden makes a fuss with talk about the “hidden imam” of Islam
Biden makes a fuss with talk about the “hidden imam” of Islam

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – US President Joe Biden has sparked a wide interaction among activists on social media, after statements in which he referred to the “hidden imam” in Islam, as he put it.

Biden said in the circulating video: “I realized that I knew a little about the details of Islam, I knew a little, but I did not know the difference, I did not know the hidden imam, and accordingly I hired a professor..”

What is the expected Mahdi when Sunnis and Shiites?

It is well known in the Islamic world, both Sunni and Shiite, that there are unseen things at the time of their occurrence, but they are inevitable and certain for many, and they fall under the concept of the signs of the hour. One of these matters agreed upon by most Muslims is the emergence of the Awaited Mahdi. Sunnis and Shiites agree that they see him as a loyal and just ruler of the Hashemite dynasty and a precursor to the emergence of the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, according to an opinion piece written by CNN previously, Salman al-Ansari.

The fundamental difference between Sunnis and Shiites in this regard is that the Shiites believe in the life and existence of this Mahdi in a specific basement and he will emerge when the time comes for his emergence. While the Sunnis see that he is an ordinary person and that he personally does not know that he is the Mahdi until the people pledge allegiance to him for that, according to Al-Ansari.

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