Assault on al-Jazeera reporter in Jenin: “Palestinians rush with blood libel”

Assault on al-Jazeera reporter in Jenin: “Palestinians rush with blood libel”
Assault on al-Jazeera reporter in Jenin: “Palestinians rush with blood libel”

Following the death of al-Jazeera reporter Sheerin Abu Akla, 51, a well-known and well-known reporter for the network, during an exchange of fire between IDF forces and Palestinian terrorists from the Islamic Jihad in the Jenin refugee camp, the press conference that was supposed to be a bad party was postponed. M Conference in the context of the political crisis.

RAAM was supposed to announce a continued freeze on its participation in the coalition until its terms were accepted, including faster implementation of the five-year plans for Arab society while giving the ministers a written commitment to a tight schedule, a commitment to maintain the status quo on the Temple Mount while preventing Jewish prayer rites and rapid implementation of Recognition of the unrecognized Bedouin communities in the Negev.

A senior Source in the RAAM told Globes that these conditions would have to be set in the personal commitments of all concerned, with the goal being that even if the government completes its path in the coming year, the RAAM commitments will be fulfilled. The Source could not say when the press conference will be held ahead of the expected vote tonight in a preliminary reading on the Likud’s proposal to dissolve the Knesset.

Al-Jazeera and the Palestinian Authority have blamed Israel for Abu Akala’s death from injuring bullets in her upper body. She was evacuated to a local hospital, but was soon pronounced dead. Abu Akala, a well-known journalist among Israeli Arabs and the Arab world, has covered East Jerusalem and the West Bank for the past two decades. Another Palestinian journalist, Ali Samudi, was slightly injured in the exchange of fire.

Abu Akala, a Palestinian resident of Beit Hanina in north Jerusalem, also held American citizenship.

Al-Jazeera’s official response said: “We condemn the horrific crime designed to prevent the media from conveying their messages. We hold the Israeli government and the occupation forces responsible for the assassination of Fellow Sheerin. We demand that the international community condemn and reckon with the Israeli occupation forces.” And the killing of colleague Sheerin Abu Akla. “

Walid al-Omri, director of al-Jazeera’s Jerusalem office, said: “Sheerin fell after being wounded by an Israeli sniper during coverage of the events in Jenin.”

The incident happened at the entrance of IDF fighters, including a cherry unit for the purpose of arresting wanted persons. During the operation, terrorists began throwing explosives and grenades at the forces that returned fire. In some cases, no casualties were identified among IDF forces. The army says it is not at all certain that the journalist was hit by Israeli fire.

IDF “The incident is clear

The IDF said: “IDF, GSS and Border Police forces operated in the Jenin refugee camp, near the village of Burkin and in several other centers throughout Judea and Samaria, in order to arrest suspects in terrorist activities. Suspects carried out massive gunfire at the force, throwing explosives. The force responded by firing. No casualties were identified.

“During the activity in the area of ​​the Jenin refugee camp, very massive explosives were fired and fired at IDF forces. The force responded with fire at the Source of the Palestinian shooting. There is a very large number of armed terrorists in this area, with journalists in the area to cover the incident. “There is a possibility – and we are investigating it as best we can – that the journalists who were hit today by the same Palestinian gunfire were aimed at an IDF force.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid issued a statement saying, “We offer the Palestinians a joint pathological investigation into the unfortunate death of journalist Sheerin Abu Akala. Israelis. ”

Hussein a-Sheikh, the Palestinian minister in charge of relations with Israel, among other things, announced that the Palestinian Authority considers the “occupation government” responsible for what it called the “murder of the journalist” Sheerin Abu Akala. According to him, the PA will not agree to the investigation of the incident with the participation of Israel, but will appeal to the International Criminal Court to investigate the matter.

Bennett: “Backing Up Our Warriors”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett responded to Abu Mazen’s accusation on the subject: “The chairman of the Palestinian Authority throws accusations at Israel without a solid basis. According to the data we have at the moment, there is a good chance that armed Palestinians, who fired wildly, are the ones who caused the unfortunate death of the journalist. The Palestinians were even documented saying: ‘We hit a soldier, he is lying on the ground.’ No soldier was injured, which raises the possibility that they shot and hit a journalist.

“Israel has called on the Palestinians to carry out a joint pathological analysis and joint investigation, based on all available documentation and findings, in order to arrive at the truth. So far, the Palestinians have refused.

“IDF forces will continue to act against the terrorists at their bases, in order to break the deadly wave of terrorism and restore security to the citizens of Israel. We support our fighters. ”

The Press Council said: “The Press and Media Council of Israel expresses its deep sorrow over the death of al – Jazeera reporter Shirin Abu Akla and the injury of other journalists during an exchange of gunfire between Palestinian militants and IDF forces in Jenin last night.”

The President of the Press Council, retired Judge Hanan Meltzer, stated: “Even in difficult scenarios of confrontation with gunmen, every possible measure must be taken to prevent harm to anyone who can be identified as a journalist.

“The council calls on the security forces to investigate the circumstances of the report and whether it was hit by Palestinian fire. It is to be expected that the Palestinian Authority will respond positively to the IDF Spokesman’s proposal to conduct a joint investigation to investigate the truth.”

Speaking in the Knesset, Bennett said of the incident: “During the night, IDF forces went into extensive action in northern Samaria as part of the State of Israel’s effort to stop the murderous wave of terrorism. During the operation, Palestinian gunmen fired inaccurate, uncontrolled and indiscriminate fire. Our forces, the IDF forces, responded to the sources of the fire, and they fired as accurately as possible, distinctly and responsibly.

“In the exchange of fire, al-Jazeera journalist Ms. Sheerin Abu Akala was sadly injured and killed. The Palestinian Authority was quick to accuse Israel, and the chairman of the PA hurled unfounded accusations at Israel, even before an investigation. According to the initial data we have, there is a good chance that the journalist was harmed by the armed Palestinians, but in order to get to the truth – we need to conduct a real investigation, and the Palestinians at this stage prevent this. Without investigating truth we will not reach truth.

“The incident in Jenin must be seen in a broad context: for about two months now, Israeli citizens have been under a murderous terrorist attack. Palestinian terrorists repeatedly kill Israelis with intent. To the citizens of Israel.

“We are determined to continue until the goal is achieved, and we are holding the IDF soldiers, the GSS men and the police officers who are risking their lives night-night, day-to-day, in order to save our lives.”

Opposition leader MK Benjamin Netanyahu said: “I give full backing to IDF fighters and their commanders in the fight against terrorism and false Palestinian propaganda against them. Not only from the Palestinians but also the shameful statements from home towards our soldiers. shame on you. The false slanders against the soldiers are heard from within the coalition and prove that a government that depends on terrorist supporters cannot fight terrorism. “A government that depends on the Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council is unable to protect our soldiers.”

Conflict in the Constitution Committee

Meanwhile, a sharp confrontation was recorded today (Wednesday) in the Knesset’s Constitution Committee against the background of the incident in Jenin in which Abu Akala was killed. The confrontation broke out between Justice Minister Gideon Saar and MK Osama Saadi from the joint list.

Saar said that “every person’s death is a tragic thing, but the facts are that there was an action by the security forces to arrest terrorists and other suspects in this sector. Our forces, and thank God there were no casualties.

“The Palestinians are in a hurry with a blood libel; according to our defense establishment, there are indications that it was actually hit by Palestinian militants. There was a call for a joint pathological investigation, I understand the Palestinians have so far refused. Perhaps to hide the truth.”

MK Saadi responded by saying: “There is evidence from the field of seven journalists; Instead of saying you are defending and apologizing for the killing, you call it a blood libel. It was not a murder but the murder and execution of a senior journalist. ”

The committee’s chairman, MK Gilad Karib, intervened but did not protest Saadi’s remarks. He said, “The death of a journalist in the territory under the control of the State of Israel is a disturbing and unfortunate thing. I will not address the circumstances at the moment, because I do not and I think many of us have a wise and accurate thing to say.”

And if anyone had any doubt about the joint list vote today in the proposal to dissolve the Knesset, the confrontation indicates the mood in the party, and the doubt was removed.

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