Lebanon and the Arab League.. Memorandum of Understanding to monitor the elections

Lebanon and the Arab League.. Memorandum of Understanding to monitor the elections
Lebanon and the Arab League.. Memorandum of Understanding to monitor the elections

Lebanon has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Arab League to monitor the parliamentary elections scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, in 15 constituencies in all regions of the country.

And the Lebanese Ministry of Interior announced, on Friday evening, that Minister Bassam Mawlawi had signed an agreement with the Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Rashid Al-Khattabi, to monitor the maturity.

After signing the agreement, Molloy said: “We signed this agreement as an affirmation of the transparency of the electoral process and the accuracy of our work at all levels, in terms of administrative, security or logistical levels.”

Addressing the Arab League delegation, Mawlawi added: “You are present with us from this moment until the end of the electoral process, the counting of votes and the announcement of the results.”

He continued: “We in the Ministry of Interior, and in confirmation of the Arab identity of Lebanon and our keenness to have you with us, there was some delay in the legal administrative procedures for preparing this protocol between the Ministry of Interior and the League of Arab States, after we obtained the approval of the Council of Ministers and the opinion of the Legislation and Consultation Commission in the Ministry of Justice.”

He considered the foregoing as “necessary steps to legitimize and legalize your presence, which is mainly among us and which we are proud of,” adding: “We sign an affirmation of our confidence in conducting transparent elections and our observance of the law, the rights of citizens and the rights of voters to reach Lebanon to safety and the Lebanese exercise their right to vote.”

Mawlawi called on the Lebanese to vote heavily tomorrow, Sunday, after the expatriate vote recorded a participation rate of about 63.5 percent, considering that “the Lebanese contribute to getting their country out of its crises, and tomorrow’s Lebanon must be better than the Lebanon of yesterday, and we rely on that on all the Lebanese and you will be witness to that.”

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For his part, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Rashid Al-Khattabi, said: “I would like to extend my deepest thanks and sincere praise to you for your great support to facilitate the mission of the League of Arab States to contribute to this achievement, which indicators confirm will be a new, bright and shining station in the course of the Lebanese national work.” .

And he continued on the same occasion: “I wish you all the best for your country, which is a balanced country that is the founder of the League of Arab States, and it is at the core of the interests of the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, so that we will sign the legal framework to define the duties of the team members as well as their obligations regarding the exercise of this mission in the best conditions thanks to your support and the requirements of integrity. Neutrality and respect for the constitutional and legal systems of the Lebanese Republic.

He explained that “this memorandum is the tool that will enable team members to move freely and responsibly in the national territory of the Lebanese Republic, and in accreditation, which is of special importance from a legal perspective and will enable us to carry out our tasks during the voting process, counting and sorting, leading to the announcement of the results, as well as monitoring and following up on all aspects of the electoral climate.” (..)”.

The parliamentary elections are the first since the economic collapse of Lebanon and after the popular uprising in 2019. The parties in power compete according to their political orientations, between those classified as allies to and those opposing Hezbollah, in addition to opposition groups and civil society that aspire to penetrate the authority’s regulations and bring about change in Parliament. Despite the low expectations in this regard, according to experts.

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