National News Agency – Al-Akhbar: This is how Hezbollah “controls” Lebanon: preventing normalization and protecting Lebanon and its wealth

Watania – Al-Akhbar newspaper wrote:

What is most striking in the Lebanese arena is that most of the Israeli slogans and accusations against Hezbollah are literally echoing inside Lebanon, on the tongues of political forces and media institutions. The most frequent phrase is “Hezbollah’s control of Lebanon,” which seems clear to have become a well-studied literature, and there is a decision to adopt it as part of the political, security and media discourse in the enemy entity. In this context, the accusation of the head of the Intelligence Research and Assessment Unit in Military Intelligence (Aman), Brigadier General Amit Sa’ar, that Hezbollah controlled the Lebanese state came out of nowhere, knowing that this description did not match the Lebanese reality.

Tuham came in the context of an interview conducted a few days ago by “Israel Today” newspaper with Sa’ar, the second man in the apparatus. It focused, among local and regional headlines, on the issue of “Who controls the Lebanese state?” And the price that Israel pays as a result of (security) stability in Lebanon, and the concern posed by the personality of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, his role in the regional and Lebanese arenas, and the reality of his relationship with Iran.
It is a given that Israel, which focuses its intelligence effort on Lebanon, is fully aware of its internal details, and that its sectarian and political structure does not allow such control, and the extent of American hegemony over many of the institutions of the Lebanese state. Nevertheless, this accusation is repeatedly launched according to a specific standard related to the party’s role in preventing Israel from realizing its ambitions in Lebanon. This was explained by more than one Israeli official, most notably former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a speech to the Knesset, in October 2020, with certainty that “as long as Hezbollah continues to control Lebanon, there will be no peace with this country.” In other words, as long as the resistance prevents normalization with Israel, legitimizes the Zionist occupation of Palestine, and limits submission to American and Israeli dictates, Israel will remain in control of the Lebanese state.

This kind of “control” is what irritates the Israeli leadership, as it realizes that without the presence of the resistance as an effective deterrent, it would not have had to conduct peer negotiations with the Lebanese government over the maritime borders. It used to impose its dictates on the basis of its strength, but when it comes to Lebanon, which is aggravated by its crises, in addition to its “formal” weakness, it finds itself unable to activate this force to allow it to achieve its ambitions and interests. In addition to the deterrent power represented by the resistance in the face of Israeli aggression, it plays a major role, at this stage, in preventing the control of Lebanon’s natural resources, and this is what increases Israeli and American resentment against Hezbollah’s “control.”

But perhaps the most dangerous thing contained in the words of Sa’er, Netanyahu and others is the “confidence” that there are political forces in Lebanon that do not mind joining the path of normalization with Israel, were it not for this “control.” This was clearly stated by Sa’ar’s predecessor, Brigadier General Dror Shalom (currently head of the Political and Security Division in the Ministry of Defense), when he saw that “there is a high probability that the maritime negotiations will develop into a peace agreement, but Hezbollah is able to blow it up” (Yediot Aharonot/ 9/10/2020). Scrutiny of this concept shows that the enemy is convinced that ending the “control” of the party, according to the Israeli understanding of control, paves the way for Lebanon to join the convoy of people rushing to normalize with the enemy. Not to mention that the consolidation of the phrase “control” and its deliberate use, and its repetition in Lebanon, distances the responsibility from the US allies inside Lebanon for the economic and financial collapse in Lebanon, and holds Hezbollah and its “control” responsible for all of that.

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