Live: Ashdod – Raanana 0: 5, Petah Tikva

The 33rd and penultimate round of the Youth Premier League is being held at this time, with the focus of MS Ashdod and Maccabi Petah Tikva, who are fighting each other for the championship, continuing their journey towards the title. The leader hosts Raanana, while the Malabes want to grab the top spot against Maccabi Haifa.

MS Ashdod – Hapoel Raanana 0: 4

The leader who comes after the 1: 1 against Maccabi Tel Aviv, who broke a streak of three victories, wants to return to the positive track in order to secure the summit even before the final round. The red-yellows know that a victory over the team from Sharon plus a loss of Petah Tikva – and they are the champions. In the previous meeting between the teams, the Ashdodites came out on top when they won 0: 2 from goals by Adir Levy and Elia Gethon.

18th minute, Ashdod went up to 0: 1: The ball was raised to the field from a stationary position, Yotam Shachar came out and the top was not good, and who is not Shaked Chachmon, the captain of the leader, was there to push close.

MS Ashdod players celebrate with Shaked Hachmon (Reuven Schwartz)
MS Ashdod players celebrate (Reuven Schwartz)

44 minutes, Ashdod went up to 0: 2: Wow! Ravid Abergil received the ball from Martin Atamanga and from outside the box sent a huge missile that was stopped only in the net.

Ravid Abergil Celebrates (Reuven Schwartz)

45 minutes, Ashdod went up to 0: 3: that was fast. Adir Levy took advantage of a big mistake by the visitors, fired in defense and sent a huge spin kick to Stein’s corner.

Adir Levy Celebrates (Reuven Schwartz)

45 + 1 minute, Ashdod went up to 0: 4: What’s going on here? Noam Mocha was in the right place to take control of a not-so-easy ball and send it into the net at half-time.

Noam Mocha conquers in half a hairdresser (Reuven Schwartz)

58 minutes: Ashdod is left with ten players. Sahar Revivo came in strong on Ido Schwartz and saw the red card.

Minute 66, Ashdod went up to 0: 5: Abergele got to a ball that was deflected away by the guest defense, he kicked a smart ball that hit the grass and jumped over Stein on the way to the net.

MS Ashdod players celebrate (Reuven Schwartz)

Ashdod composition: Yoav Aricha, Niv Bilifant, Oshri Aries, Shaked Kamun, Sahar Revivo, Martin Atamanga, Yarin Suissa, Noam Mocha, Adir Levy, Ravid Abergil and Michael Ben Ami.

Raanana composition: Yotam Stein, Itamar Golan, Gal Ben Goldberg, Dan Sirkis, Tal Turgeman, Yair Kanikovsky, Nasser Issa, Ido Solomon, Ido Schwartz, Eli Afenger and Ron Arieh.

Maccabi Petah Tikva – Maccabi Haifa 0: 0

The runner-up in the trophy, who arrives after victories over Hapoel Hadera and Urbani Nesher, wants to continue the momentum and maintain the chance of winning the championship, since a loss to the Greens plus a victory for Ashdod ends the story. The team from Carmel that defeated Beitar 0: 5 in the previous round wants to end the season in good taste and finish in third place. In the previous meeting between the groups, there was no decision when Ziv Li and their members in the pen set 1: 1.

Tom Dariham vs. Itai Shalev (Lilach Weiss-Rosenberg)

55 minutes, Petah Tikva went up to 0: 1: It’s finally coming in. Tom Dariham did not go well for the ball and tried to keep it away and kicked it to his team’s goal.

Maccabi P.

Petah Tikva composition: Maor Elich, Ofek Geller, Eli Tzeiri, Eli Shafiki, Itai Shalev, Ariel Lugsi, Hadar and Fax, Moshe Meir, Idan Toklomati, Ran Meir and Shalev Daniel.

Haifa composition: Liav Zalkind, Itamar Guri, Liam Hermesh, Lisav Issat, Muhammad Amer, Sapir Razon, Eden Otachi, Ili Feingold, Anan Khalaili, Tavor Hoter, Tom Dariham.

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