Exciting: These are the winners of the Jerusalem Prize in memory of the three boys

Mothers of the three boys (from the unity video)

This year, for the eighth time in Israel and around the world, we will mark ‘Unity Day’, which will take place on Tuesday, Sunday, May 31, as part of which the Jerusalem Prize for Israel Unity will be presented in the presence of President Yitzhak Herzog at the President’s House in Jerusalem.

After two years in which there was a limited presence at the ceremony due to the corona virus, this year the ceremony will be held in the usual format, and in addition, will be broadcast on several platforms on social networks.

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The Jerusalem Unity Day and the Israel Unity Award were born as an apolitical social initiative on behalf of the Yifrach, Sha’ar and Frenkel families and former Jerusalem Mayor MK Nir Barkat, out of a sense of unity that enveloped Israeli society and Diaspora Jewry during the abduction of the three boys in summer 2014. The award aims to honor and support Engaged in the work of unity, and to encourage further initiatives to bring closer, acquaintance and connection between the various shades of Israeli society and the Diaspora.

The three fourteenth boys

“Words create reality”

This year the ceremony will be marked by “words that create reality”. In a world where we have the ability to break through the boundaries of communities, sectors and countries, the words we choose and the content we produce have great meaning. Words can cause a lot of pain and division, but they also have the power to create friendships and unite all parts of society, to heal rifts and build buildings, to combine reality and vision and to create in our souls closeness within the country and between the country and the Diaspora.

A race in their memory (Photo: Gershon Allinson Flash 90)

This year, the cash prize is awarded to seven winners in four categories – local, national, international and educational, to individuals and organizations that work all year round to bring different parts of Israeli society and the Jewish people in the Diaspora.

And these are the winners for the year 5752:

• In the local category he won a project for the boys, which commemorates in a way the lives of the victims of the Druze community who fell on their guard for the protection of the state. Among other things, the association holds once a year the “Race for the Boys” – a popular sports race intended for the entire population, in which thousands participate from all over the country and from all walks of life in Israel.

• In the national category, there are for the first time two winners – a string network, which was established with the aim of enabling a wide range of populations on the Jewish-Israeli continuum to live together and study together in an optimal educational climate, which allows each one to shape their identity. Combines.

Rabbi Michael Melchior, President and Founder of the String Network (Photo: Miri Tzachi)

• The second winner in the national category is the organization of piyyut and nigun service communities, which works to reveal, present and teach the variety of piyyut traditions of Klal Am Yisrael to diverse audiences together: women, men, secular, religious, ultra-Orthodox and traditional, members of different denominations, young and old, To enable the creation of a fruitful and unifying dialogue through midrash, piyyut and poetry.

Yossi Ohana, Founder and Director of Piyut and Nigun Communities (Photo: Gideon Markovich)

• In the international category won Shira Ruderman, a professional philanthropist and social activist who serves as CEO of the Ruderman Family Foundation, which works to strengthen the brotherhood and partnership of destiny between all sections of the people in Israel and between Israel and the Jewish communities in the United States.

Shira Ruderman (Photo: Itai Zvaker)

In the educational category there are three winners this year:

• Ahdut Yisrael School – Achi in Tekoa, a pioneer in being a joint school for religious and secular people across a wide range (including ultra-Orthodox). The school has 430 students, based on a perception of reality from the beginning and not “in retrospect”.

Netzach Educational Network, the only network in the ultra-Orthodox sector that provides its students with Torah education alongside academic studies (matriculation), and empowers its graduates to remain connected to the sector’s core values ​​and Torah observance while enabling them and their families to create a secure economic future.

Menachem Bombach, founder and head of the Netzach network (Photo: Elimelech Psikov)

• Another possible organization, acts as a unifying force that challenges the existing rifts in Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. The vision is to enable change, through the creation of a personal and direct encounter between the people themselves. Reduce fears and prejudices, alienation, suspicion and hostility and replace them with tolerance, understanding, trust, respect and a deep commitment to multicultural partnership between Arabs and Jews.

The families: “We are proud of them for their important work”

The Sha’ar, Yifrach and Frenkel families: “We are happy to hold the ceremony for the eighth year, and to award these important people and organizations the Jerusalem Prize for Unity. For their important work, we thank them for their contribution to our people and wish them great success in their work. “

The selection of the winners was made by a special public committee, which includes MK Nir Barkat, the former chairman of the Jewish Agency, Mr. Natan Sharansky, Brigadier General (Res.) Amal Assad, Noam Lautman, Rabbi Shai Firon, Rabbi David Satyu, Israel Goldschmidt, Hacham David Menachem, Adv. Karin Meir Rubinstein, Oshra Friedman and the Yifrach, Shaar and Frenkel families.

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