“Reply with a mask”..Afghanistan broadcasters in solidarity with their female colleagues

After most of the female announcers and media professionals appeared on the screens of Afghanistan, yesterday, Sunday, wearing the niqab, or only revealing their eyes, in implementation of the new laws imposed by the Taliban movement, a number of broadcasters responded in their own way.

Yesterday evening, dozens of TV station workers expressed their solidarity with their female colleagues, and appeared on the small screen, especially in Tolo News Network, with a black mask.

Afghanistan Broadcasters (photos circulating on Twitter)

Dozens of activists circulated these photos on the communication sites, stressing that the brave Afghan people will not surrender to the Taliban’s strict laws, but will resist.

This step came, after the female media professionals appeared yesterday, revealing only their eyes and forehead, on several channels such as “Tolo News”, “Shamshad TV”, “One TV” and “Ariana”.

Sonia Niazi, a presenter at Tolo News, told AFP that the channel was under pressure, after the movement confirmed that any broadcaster who appears on the screen without covering her face must look for another job.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the movement, confirmed in an interview with Al-Arabiya that the authorities did not impose the burqa on female broadcasters, and did not intend to force them to leave their jobs.

Anchorwoman in Afghanistan (AFP)

dismissal of workers

It is noteworthy that the Taliban, despite Zabihullah’s assertion, had previously ordered the expulsion of all female workers in public institutions in case they violated the new rules imposed by the beginning of this month (May 2022), including covering the face, preferring to wear the burqa, after previously obligating them to wear the veil only.

It also directed the punishment of men working in public jobs if their wives or daughters failed to abide by the decision to cover their faces.

Since coming to power in mid-August, the Taliban has gradually curtailed women’s freedoms and rights, imposed several forms of gender discrimination, and deprived many female students of education, pending the imposition of new laws governing their return to school.

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