3 years in prison for “Karim El-Hawary” in Sheikh Zag’s collision

3 years in prison for “Karim El-Hawary” in Sheikh Zag’s collision
3 years in prison for “Karim El-Hawary” in Sheikh Zag’s collision

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Saturday 04 June 2022

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Today, Saturday, the Giza Criminal Court, held at km 10 and a half, sentenced Karim El-Hawary, the cause of the Sheikh Zayed collision, which resulted in the death of 4 students, to 3 years in prison.

The verdict came: The court, in my presence, sentenced Karim El-Hawary to 3 years in prison, a fine of 50,000 pounds, and proof that the victims’ heirs had waived the civil prosecution.

Today’s session witnessed the absence of the families of the victims, while Karim Al-Hawari’s family arrived at the court.

In the last session, the families of the victims waived the civil right to the lawsuit.

The Public Prosecutor had ordered that the accused, Karim al-Hawari, son of a businessman, be referred to the competent criminal court; To punish him for the accusations against him.

The prosecution assigned Al-Hawari to commit the crime of manslaughter, which arose from his negligence, carelessness, lack of caution, and failure to observe laws, regulations and regulations by driving a car at great speed that exceeded the legally prescribed speed under the influence of the aforementioned narcotic and another intoxicating substance, without taking into account the distance between him and the victims’ car, so he hit it from behind. As a result, they sustained an injury that cost their lives, in addition to accusing him of other misdemeanours.

The Public Prosecution established the evidence before the accused from the testimony of six witnesses, including two who saw the accident as concluded by the Public Prosecution’s investigations, and a third whose monitoring machine recorded the course of the accident in the same image, and the police officer who received the notification of the accident and examined it, and another conducted investigations about it. And the forensic doctor who examined the sample taken from the accused.

The evidence included what was proven to the Public Prosecution from viewing the video clip of the accident presented by the aforementioned witness, and what was proven from its inspection of the location of the monitoring machine that recorded this clip, and what was also proven from its inspection of the scene of the accident, and what was concluded by the report of the Central Administration of Chemical Laboratories at the Forensic Medicine Authority regarding the contents of samples Taken from the accused on cocaine and ethyl alcohol.

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