Artificial intelligence: Google introduces the “Bard” platform for conversation in 180 countries

Artificial intelligence: Google introduces the “Bard” platform for conversation in 180 countries
Artificial intelligence: Google introduces the “Bard” platform for conversation in 180 countries

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Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet

Google announced that it is about to make a “cold” system for conversations using artificial intelligence available in more than 180 countries around the world, after its use was limited in Britain and the United States.

She added that the program, which is still in the experimental phase, will allow the use of images, in addition to words, during conversations.

It follows the rapid success of ChatGBT, an artificial intelligence technology funded by Google’s arch-rival Microsoft.

Google also announced the integration of artificial intelligence into its primary search engine.

Chirag Dikate, technology analyst at Gartner Business Support, said that Google remains a leader in technology and is positioning itself to reap more fruits from artificial intelligence technologies.

“Google has the mechanisms to dominate the competition arena in artificial intelligence, and the most important question is, will they do it?” he said.

A few months ago, Microsoft introduced artificial intelligence services, “GPT-4”, within its search engine, “Bing”.

Google said that the results generated by artificial intelligence will be part of the results that appear during the use of its search engine.

Despite this, she clarified that this system will be available only to a limited number of users, since it will be within the “experimental framework”.

“We are conducting a comprehensive review of all our major services, including the search engine,” said Sundar Pichai, director of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

At the same time, the company announced a new feature for the Google Android system, which allows users to alert and guide them to their small personal items, such as a key chain or wallet, within what is known as the “Air Tag” system.

The company said that the AirTag Alerts service will start this summer.

Last year, two women sued Apple for being tracked using AirTag services.

Google and Apple confirmed last week that they are working together to address this problem

The two women told the BBC last year that they were at risk of being stalked using AirTag and that not enough was being done to prevent misuse of the technology.

Google’s announcement came within the annual conference to reveal developments in its various branches, during which all technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and new devices are presented, including a new mobile phone that can be opened and closed similar to books, at a cost of about $1,800.

Bard had answered a question incorrectly, about 3 months ago, as part of the experiments in which the company tried to catch up with the technical competition in the field of artificial intelligence.

This caused the parent company, Alphabet, to lose $100 million of its market value.